My next statement may shock you.
          Last Thursday I attended a very uplifting funeral.
          I needed a lift because the previous day’s election had not gone the way I wanted and depression was becoming my friend.
          At lunch on Wednesday Bobbi and I ran into Ken Hush. I first met Kenny over 40 years ago when he was my 13-year-old opponent in the Emporia City Tennis Tournament. We’ve have been good friends ever since.    Ken’s dad and I were co-workers a Didde Office Supply and Printing when I was in college. Bob is not only a friend but also legendary in Sertoma Club history.
          A few days earlier a small piece in the Gazette mentioned the passing of 82-year-old Luella Hush. My inquiry confirmed she was Ken’s mom.
          Mrs. Hush’s services were held at the First Christian Church. On arrival it was obvious she was a member held in high regard by her church. The place was packed - I found a seat in the next to last row.
          The Service was just what I needed - a dose of good old fashion Christian religion including a moving invocation, scriptures, congregational singing of two wonderful hymns and a solo by Curtis Rhoades titled: In the Bulb There is a Flower.
          Mr. Rhoades isn’t a spring chicken anymore, but he still sings like one!
          Reverend Lorraine Bailey did a masterful job of using Mrs. Hush’s requested scripture, Corinthians 13 – also known as the Love Scripture, to illustrate how Luella had put those words into practice in her life. She was a nurse by training and we learned how she had used her training in multiple situations throughout her life always helping others. Add in wonderful wife and mother of 4 good kids and you get the picture.
          The 23rd Psalm starts out:
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
He leadeth me besides the still waters.
He restoreth my soul:
          And that’s exactly what being in that great sanctuary did for me that morning – it restored my soul!
          It wasn’t lost on me that life here is temporary and nothing that happens should concern me as long as my faith is strong and my trust in the Lord is intact. That’s how the Hush family took the passing of their mom and wife – just the next step in life everlasting.
          And, for me – to lighten up. Earthly things tend to take care of themselves and my faith in God tells me – he’s in control and life here and in the hereafter will be good.
          Thanks to the Hush family for sharing the celebration of this life well lived. The services for this wonderful woman did indeed: restore my soul!       Amen and Amen!
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