Each week my challenge is to find something interesting to share with my KVOE listeners. Fortunately, Emporia has a lot going on so current events often fill the bill. For example, this week school starts at our local schools including Emporia State. I learned through a neat flyer in the mail they will be honoring my graduating class at Homecoming for having traveled 50 years since getting our diplomas. Yikes! 50 years since leaving college!

          Guess that brings up the topic of old age or senior citizens or over the hill gang, etc. I've probably spent too much time on this topic recently but actually, it's pretty high on my awareness list as I am growing older,!

          For those of you younger than me please understand this growing older thing gets very personal. While I am happy to be able to still play golf - although not very well I appreciate that I can still play golf.

          So, when I play with guys older than me who still can play well - you know like shooting their ages! Well, I'm jealous for a bit, but I get over it cause there are also guys my age who can't still play or have left us to the hereafter.

          I never dreamed how often I'd be quoting my dad, but that happens a lot. For example on Monday at a doctor's office waiting with several from my age group I said, "As my dad used to say -I'm in pretty good shape for the shape I'm in."

          Corny? Yes, but accurate too.

          Keeping in mind that I Love Lucy and Gunsmoke are still in my Top 10 favorite TV shows consider this list from Facebook of things you young whippersnappers missed out on.

          It was titled Older Than Dirt.

  1. Drive-In Movies
  2. Candy Cigarettes
  3. 45 RPM Records
  4. Party Telephone Lines
  5. Soda Pop in Glass Bottles
  6. Butch Wax
  7. Studebaker
  8. Blackjack Gum
  9. Home Ec
  10. 5 and Dimes
  11. Metal Lunchboxes
  12. Boone's Farm
  13. Metal Ice Trays
  14. Roller Skate Keys, yes roller skate keys!
  15. Milk delivered in glass bottles, and
  16. Wax Coke Bottle Candy

          Guessing some of these left you scratching your head. Ask around cause all these things were real once and remembering them is fun for us old folks. Relax, you'll have your chance.

          I’m Steve Sauder still enjoying my life experiences!

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