Today my feelings on the New York Times Op-Ed about President Trump and the White House. Not because I support the President because I do not, but because this whole Op-Ed episode is so deplorable.

          Understand this – we do not use anonymous letters here at KVOE. When I say “do not,” I mean Do Not!

          At KVOE we have on occasion gone to the person being singled out by an anonymous letter and ask that person if they wanted to respond, but we don’t use anonymous information on air.

          It was interesting that when the Times released the Op-Ed they said they knew the person who wrote it and that this person was “credible.”

          My reaction to that is: sorry New York Times, but you don’t get to judge “credible” because you gave your credibility away when you printed the anonymous letter!

          One TV commentator said – “the New York Times has lower standards than most local radio stations.”

          With that said it is interesting to speculate who might have written the Op-Ed.

          My first thought was this letter wasn’t particularly unique suggesting anyone, including me, could have written it after reading the book Fire and Fury and Bob Woodward’s new book Fear which incidentally came out almost simultaneously with the Op-Ed.

          Heck, the thought has passed by me that it could have been written internally by people at the New York Times.

          Evidently, a committee at the Times made the decision to print the letter. Do you suppose at the newspaper there is some level of nervousness that someone might break? If CNN came calling offering a million or two you’d think someone might squeal.

          And finally, there seems to be a pretty high level of agreement that writing this anonymous letter was a cowardly act. If these things are half true – and I think they likely are – then this person should have manned up, taken credit for telling the American people the truth and been prepared to suffer the consequences.

          The intrigue as to “who done it” is higher today that when we were trying to figure out who shot JR!

          The word “deplorable” was used earlier to describe my opinion of the entire event. Printing an anonymous letter is bad journalism and remember our standards here at KVOE are higher than those of the New York Times!

          I’m Steve Sauder and these thoughts are mine!


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