This past weekend’s Ryder Cup experience was a real bummer for fans of the USA like me. Winning was certainly the goal, but at least competing was a requirement.

          The best explanation the Monday Morning Quarterback crew came up with was – the Europeans wanted it way more than our boys.

          Makes me wonder if patriotism has taken a hit here?

          What I do know is I know is the ladies who played in the ECC Club Championship over the weekend were more dedicated to their task than some of the US boys!

          My wife Bobbi will serve as my model of how you plan and prepare for a golf tournament. She took this event seriously.

          This is cool because Bobbi only got serious about golf 12 years ago when we started dating.

          To watch her become a competitive golfer has been fun, but a bit unpredictable.

          Bobbi lost her mom before her fifth birthday leaving she and her 5 brothers – two older than her and three younger, all under 8 to be raised by grandparents.

          She graduated from Yates Center High School, attended Allen County Community College before transferring to Pittsburg State where she and some great roommates earned degrees in Nursing.

          She and her schoolteacher husband spent 9 years in Topeka where she taught at Washburn. She also earned a second Masters from KU. They moved to Kansas City where Bobbi became an elementary school nurse and health educator in the Blue Valley district.

          I met her about 12 years ago. We were both recent divorcees but our first date wasn’t that successful. I was clean shaven including my head and she thought she had a date with her grandpa!

          As we got serious her interest in golf grew as well. Today golf is one of her passions which also include gardening, grandkids and shopping.

          She has had to overcome several medical challenges like a knee replacement, shoulder repair on both sides and most recently a diagnosis of

Lyme Disease.

          But let’s talk golf.

          My thinking is if our Ryder Cup guys were as fired up as Bobbi the Brits would have been in trouble. She didn’t play great on Saturday but led the tournament by a stroke. Saturday night and Sunday morning she was a mess. She prepared her normal breakfast but only ate about 2 bites. She even called our neighbor, Jerrilynn seeking a “hug” for encouragement. Evidently, it worked!

          Bobbi shot the best round she’s ever recorded in a tournament and won the Club Championship. The other ladies played hard, but at the end were excited for Bobbi’s accomplishment.

          Golf is usually fun, but playing in a golf tournament can be stressful. Some thrive on that pressure. That’s my Bobbi and I am proud of her!

          I’m Steve Sauder.

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