Let’s have some fun today!

          My topic is “HUGS.” You know those embraces so many people are now experiencing when greeting someone?

          My wife Bobbi is a “hugger.” She WILL hug you if you allow her to. Me, not so much.

          Time magazine weighs in with scientific data saying: “Hugs put a range of health benefits within arm's length……they boost the levels of the bonding hormone oxytocin and the feeling of social support…..leading to less stress, a stronger immune system, and even lower blood pressure. It’s a form of wellness you can share, especially when someone is hurting.”

          A new PLUS One study found that people experiencing relationship problems actually reported an “improved mood if they received a hug the day of the conflict!”

          But, Time also said “Hugs are not warm and fuzzy for everyone. Some people find them disconcerting.” Biggest factors are “the way we were raised, self-esteem and cultural norms.”

          Even the Emily Post Institute suggests skipping hugs that might make someone uncomfortable, especially in a business setting.

          So where are you?

          It’s interesting too that when Bobbi meets her lady golfing friends they almost always hug, but when they complete their round they often don’t even shake hands. Men, conversely never hug, but typically shake hands after a golf match.

          No doubt since meeting Bobbi my hug quotient has gone up a bunch.

          So next time you are involved in a hug try to determine - was that a positive or negative activity? I’m guessing most are positive as most hugs are sincere, fun and well received.

          After all, every one of us has a large need to feel wanted.

          I’m Steve Sauder.

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