Have you voted yet? If not, beware it's Halloween and there's a candidate dressed like a lamb that's really a wolf in the governor's race.

          If you use Google and Wikipedia you can find an impressive list of accomplishments for Kris Kobach, but if you read on there's baggage associated with this candidate that is not so good.

          Mr. Kobach is well educated - Washburn Rural High School, Harvard undergrad, Yale Law School and Oxford in England. He's been a law clerk, taught law at UMKC, worked in President George W. Bush's administration, served on Overland Park's City Council and was amazingly active on immigration issues in several states before becoming our Secretary of State.

          Pretty impressive resume, but Wikipedia offers:

Kobach is also known for his calls for stronger voter ID laws in the United States and a Muslim registry.  He has made claims about the extent of voter fraud in the United States that studies and fact-checkers have concluded are false or unsubstantiated.

          His voter fraud prosecution record in Kansas is laughable.

          In August of  2018, ProPublica and The Kansas City Star reported that none of the towns where Kobach helped to enact anti-immigration ordinances over a 13-year period still had those ordinances on the books. The ordinances were costly to defend in court, with some localities going bankrupt.  At the same time, Kobach personally profited, earning more than $800,000 on legal work for the localities, paid both by the localities and an anti-immigration advocacy group.

          It is also reported that Kobach and his wife have homeschooled their 5 children creating an interesting situation where Kansas could have a governor who obviously doesn't trust its’ public schools making policy for those schools.

          I don't think so.

          Laura Kelly, on the other hand, offers Kansans a veteran lawmaker who has consistently taken a centrist position working across the aisle to provide good decisions for Kansas. We have survived the Brownback debacle and our state is absolutely poised for growth.

          Electing Kris Kobach governor will eliminate any chance for bipartisan governing in Kansas and also our state's opportunity to prosper.

          Please vote and help select the obvious best choice for governor of Kansas.

          Thanks for listening, I'm Steve Sauder.


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