I prepared this talk on Election Day. While I have no idea how this rather nasty event ends, I do know unless our elected leaders start finding the gumption to act on behalf of their constituents rather than for their party our future as Kansans and Americans will be less than we are hoping for.

          In his book Gumption, Nick Offerman tells about the gumption shown by the founders of America - Washington, Jefferson, Franklin,  Hamilton, Madison, and others.

          He wrote, "The magnificent sons of bitches who founded our United States truly brandished a courage that is hard to fathom.......they saw the extremely rare opportunity to create a new American experiment."

          They were "faced with the choice of either a continued subservience to an overweening Mother England or a gathering of their colonial brass balls in their mitts with which to cast off the taxing yoke of England's imperial control."

          "These forward thinkers envisioned a nation ruled "by the people, for the people," founded on notions like "liberty and justice for all."

          Offerman added some irony to his thoughts "Not only were our fledgling American government and society crafted by human beings but further it must be noted with appropriate gravity, by all white dudes." and "the Declaration of Independence was composed, ratified and signed by several Caucasian men, some of whom owned a great many slaves."

          The stories of Americans showing the gumption to change the course of history with their bold deeds and powerful actions is present in every chapter of our country’s amazing story.

          But today America seems to be hogtied by a lack of courage and leadership from our powerful leaders both in Washington and to a lesser degree in Topeka.

          President Trump calls himself a Republican, but his actions leave much to be desired when compared to Republican leaders of the past.

          I am asking our elected Kansas leaders like Jerry Moran, Pat Roberts, and Roger Marshall when will you stand up and speak out against our President's obvious lack of truthfulness and morality?

          And my friends on the other side while your leader's task is admittedly more difficult what we need from them are fresh ideas and a willingness to compromise not just opposition.

          Gumption has been an attribute of great Americans since our founding. It appears to me time is starting to run short for a new breed of "magnificent sons of bitches" to step forward.

          I'm Steve Sauder and there something to think about!

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