Today will be my last "Something to Think About" for a while. Bobbi and I are headed to the desert in California to escape weather like the past ten days here at home!

            Physical challenges make vacations like our friends are taking impossible for me. Trips like cruises and vacations requiring a lot of walking are out, so going west for the winter is our game.

            You might have noticed I said away from "home" because Emporia is home and always will be! We lease in California and always will!

            The big reason we can be gone is that of the quality people we work with here at KVOE, at the Candlewood, at ValuNet and son James gets credit too.

            Ron Thomas is a leader whose work ethic is so impressive his co-workers simply follow his example. Tim Miller, Greg Rahe, Scott Hays, Sean Thornton, and Chuck Samples are not only outstanding veteran broadcasters they are the envy of other radio stations. Throw in KVOE's other excellent announcers, our crack sales force and Terri and Kari in the front office and you have a super organization.

            ValuNet delivers high-quality Internet, HDTV and phone service over fiber that isn't just the best in Emporia or Kansas it's as good as you can find anywhere - worldwide!

            Credit Rick Tidwell and Stormy Supiran with awesome vision and leadership at ValuNet with incredible support from pros like Jelinda  Watts, Stephanie Green, Tom Mains, Christy Miller, and Jacob Hill. Fact is: all 32 on ValuNet's team are winners.

            And don't forget Bob Agler! He's retired now, but his fingerprints are everywhere as he taught most of us about hard work, integrity, and accountability.

            The Candlewood? It just keeps rolling. Our veteran and very dedicated housekeeping staff keep our facility the cleanest in E-Town. That's not bragging cause that's what our guests tell us.

            Kurtis Bryan is our new General Manager and his first few months indicate he's a keeper.

            Son James gets credit for vision too as his Hidden Vistas new home addition is a home run of giant proportions. His leadership in things really makes us proud.

            Susan Grother is a name you may not recognize. She started in the office at KVOE over 30 years ago and has stayed with us in many ways.  Today she's the glue tying all our endeavors together. She's the best!

            Some may wonder where Erren Harter fits in. Not long ago someone  asked me "what does Harter do for you?' Before I could answer someone said "a lot" but I corrected him saying "no, he does everything!"

            Officially Erren's title is Promotion Manager at KVOE, but also manages IT, HR, Insurance, United Way, Pack the Pantry and anything else we need. He has his finger in everything I am involved with and my family. There are no words to describe his worth, knowledge and skill.

            Erren Harter is trusted beyond description.

            So, you see we can be gone for a while because we are truly blessed. Have a great Holiday, see you in the Spring.

            I’m Steve Sauder


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