Today some random and unrelated thoughts to share.
First about Sleep Apnea? I assume you've heard of it? Its key symptom is excessive daytime sleepiness. Things like falling asleep watching TV, at stop lights and just generally being tired during the day.
If those are familiar you may want to ask your doctor for help. I did almost twenty years ago and was diagnosed and three times provided with a breathing machine. Most are called C-PAPs. It is designed to help patients breath better at night and mitigate somewhat their sleep apnea symptoms.  
It took three different sleep studies to finally tie down my problem which turned out to be more complex than the garden variety meaning I needed a Bypath machine.
The result is I now sleep six or seven hours a night using my machine and I feel more rested than ever.
That's it! A simple testimonial for asking your Doc for help if you have the symptoms mentioned above. Sweet dreams!
Now I stole the following from FaceBook. Some uplifting thoughts paraphrased about starting your day.
  • WAKE UP and decide to have a good day! One positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.
  • DRESS UP - the best effort here starts with a smile.
  • LOOK UP to the Lord. He never said it would be easy only worth it!
  • REACH UP for something higher! Why not shoot for the moon every day?
  • LIFT UP YOUR PRAYERS! When life puts you on your knees you are in a perfect position to pray.
  • BRIGHTEN UP someone else's day! Even the smallest favors can stimulate a heart.
  • NEVER GIVE UP - when one door closes another usually opens.
You can be AWESOME today - if you’ll try.
Now, finally, a short prayer is taken from the book entitled: The Greatest Salesman in the World.
Oh Lord, I ask not for gold or garments or even opportunities equal to my abilities; instead, guide me so that I may acquire ability equal to my opportunities. Amen.
Maybe that was just a play on words but how much better off might we be if we were granted: abilities equal to our opportunities?
And the congregation said, "Amen!"
And I'm Steve Sauder


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