This talk is about golf and keeping it Fun and Fair.

          Golf is a game for life because most can play their entire lives. Most golf courses have multiple tees on the same hole to accommodate players of different abilities.

          About Forward or Senior Tees the USGA, United States Golf Association says this:



          Forward tees are not intended to make a golf course easy, but rather they are intended to enhance the golf experience by allowing golfers to adjust the length and difficulty of a golf course so that it is compatible with their abilities.

          I think that says golf ought to be Fun and Fair, not easy.

          Out South, oh I mean the Emporia Golf Course recognized the opportunity for Forward or Senior Tees years ago, but they confined the adjustment to already in use teeing areas and thus really didn't do much to help Senior or Lady golfers.

          For example, hole #7 is a difficult 386-yard par 4 from the White tees. The Senior tee is only 6 yards closer and the Lady's tee is 7 yards closer. Both way too far.

          The Senior tees Out South are a total of 357 yards shorter than the White tees or less than 20 yards a hole. Subtract number hole #9 where the Seniors now save 167 yards and the average yardage difference between the White and Senior tees is just over 11 yards. That is not even close to enough! Fact is it's kind of a joke.

          Fixing this and the Lady’s tees which are way too long also isn't that difficult. The USGA says this:

New forward tees can easily be established in level areas of existing fairways.

          Golf Professional Marcus Erkle and I have discussed this question at length with his answer initially being when we adjust for the new runways at the airport we will build new tee boxes.

          Unfortunately, we've been anticipating those new runways for about 30 years now, so please give me a break.

          Monday, Marcus agreed that creating new tees in the fairways for both Seniors and Ladies is an idea that needs to be acted on.

          At the start, I said Fun and Fair.

          At the Country Club, we established Senior Tees three years ago and I can name a hand-full of guys who are still playing golf because the new closer tees make golf fun and fair again.

          That same opportunity exists for the Emporia Golf Course meaning more golfers and that could be huge!   

          I’m Steve Sauder.

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