I'm guessing Russia's Vladimir Putin missed some of his favorite TV shows last week because he was enjoying watching his grand plan play out in the United States as Democrats, Republicans and our President took turns playing the lead in Washington's 3 Ring Circus.

          Thursday Dr. Fiona Hill testified the Russian intervention was aimed at both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with the single goal to disrupt America's election in any form possible.

          Understand, Russia didn't particularly care who won the election as long as they created chaos. In fact, they were probably more surprised by Trump's victory than we were.
          As things stand in Washington now no one has a chance to win.
          If you are a Democrat you are excited because you have successfully built the case against President Trump and you will soon be sending this matter to the Senate for trial, but while this may feel good now one has to wonder how it will feel when the Senate refuses to convict the President?
          Republicans, you have been strong and consistent defending every facet of this question except the President's innocence. One does have to think your less than stellar attempts to discredit some pretty impressive Americans will prove to be embarrassing in retrospect.
          Yes, you may prevail in the end, but the outcome will certainly not be much of a victory.
          And of course, President Trump is again at the center of attention and able to deflect bad behavior without showing any sign of a conscience. He's about worn out his Twitter account and it looks like he will survive for another fight, but history may not be kind.
          And as our ongoing American circus runs it course Putin sits in Russia laughing and likely high 5-ing with his supporters because their plan to make America look discombobulated, disorganized and vulnerable is working better than they could have ever dreamed.
          America will survive, but we are giving up a lot of world-wide creditability, and you can believe me when I say that's Creditability with a capital "C."
          There's Something to Think About and I'm Steve Sauder
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