Christmas is still a week away but we've already had our office parties and my boys were here Sunday so much of our celebration has passed.

            Buying a gift for me is always a challenge. I need nothing - not shirts, pants,  sweaters or golf clubs and certainly not golf balls!

            My KVOE kids took the hint and adopted a family through SOS in Bobbi's and my names. I think you will be astounded at what they were able to provide. A vacuum, dinnerware, glassware, cutlery, 18 piece pot, and pan set, 8 piece bedding group, towels and washcloths, placemats, alarm clock, clothing for all, Fluffy Posh Ball, traveling coloring case, JoJo Bows for the girls hair, doll and horse, Frozen microphone, and a Gambino's gift certificate. SOS calls it: "Unlocking hope for others." It feels good!

            Taking a similar tact my wife surprised me with her "gift" to me. She wrote in a card about me: "He has everything, kids, step kids, grandkids, step grandkids, nice home, lots of friends, etc, etc, etc, oh and Me!"

            Bobbi then listed the ways that she knows about where we have helped others.

            Then she wrote, "So I searched how you could touch even more. This is your Christmas gift from me:"

  • Graduation Caps and Gowns for 7 homeless kids at EHS.
  • Food and supplies for Spartan Stop at EHS.
  • Provided 3 kids on Emporia High’s wrestling team with new wrestling shoes. Wrestling Coach Brook Medrano said, "their thrill and pride was beyond belief!"
  • Two young EHS girl wrestlers now have a singlet that actually fits them!
  • 3 youngsters will have their fees paid to attend Camp Alexander next summer.
  • And last, food for the pantry at our church.

            Bobbi finished her note with a familiar thought when she said, "I gave until it felt good on your behalf!"

            I was completely blown away. Christmas is a special holiday. Jesus was a gift that has no equal. We honor that gift by sharing our worldly treasures with others. When you are a fortunate person like me who needs nothing re-gifting my gift to someone in greater need was indeed humbling.

            This Christmas maybe my best ever. Hopefully, this example will motivate some of our listeners to help someone in need this Christmas. It feels really good, I know.          

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