The Facebook post asking “Why wasn’t the U.S. prepared?” It offered  excellent theories but my favorite part was a familiar quote from Winston Churchill that said, “you can depend on the Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve exhausted every other possibility.”

          I think that aptly describes us today.  

          “Exhausted every other possibility” is code for our uniquely American approach for dealing with the Corona Virus complete with an aspirational president and a bloodthirsty media.

          Planning for a pandemic has been a topic of every U.S. administration for several decades – some efforts more serious than others, but none made plans that would have dealt with the current challenge.

          The blame game is counterproductive.

          Our President’s leadership in this challenge is obviously worthy of discussion. The bottom line is his administration’s efforts are not nearly as effective as he claims every day, but also not nearly as ineffective as some of America’s media outlets seem so happy to report.

          What Churchill suggested - that our approach to fighting the Covid 19 is “exhausting” is right on, but his belief that America will eventually “do the right thing,” is inspiring.        As the writer pointed out - we beat Kaiser, Hitler, Polio, the Communists and Aides and America will beat this too.

          Politics while a reality we cannot escape only make our challenge more difficult.

          Social Distancing efforts are working, but we can’t let up.

          New York is the epicenter of this crisis. The coverage of the New York area is 24/7. While we need to pay attention to New York it’s not Kansas. We should not despair with their bad news because we are getting the job done here. A surge may come, but we can keep it small if we stay the course!

          This is Holy Week for Christians with Easter Sunday coming. This concerns me because this is the day when many attend church and gather as families in a wonderful American tradition. This year we must NOT attend church together and even more importantly we must NOT gather as a family. The desire to just get together for a short time will be strong, but we must stay apart.       

          Despite some hard to explain twists and turns America “will do the right thing.” If we trust our hearts, stay home and stay strong and put our faith in our Lord our prayers will be answered.

          I’m Steve Sauder

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