I’m guessing Chief’s Head Coach Andy Reid doesn’t need much of an introduction here, but as an authority on the Coronavirus, you might have questions. Under his leadership, the Chiefs with way more than 100 people involved have kept the virus almost invisible.

          On the Chief’s Kingdom program last week he explained how this has been possible. Here are three keywords from Andy Reid’s thoughts.

          He used REAL to describe the importance and effectiveness of the three basics versus the virus: mask-wearing, washing hands, and social distancing. Nuff said!

          The second word is SELFISH. Andy said in his “humble opinion”

his people adopting a behavior of unselfishness has been the key. He pointed out this is hard especially if you are young or healthy, but everyone has to follow the rules. That’s unselfishness!

          Last, Andy talked about the SACRIFICES his people are making for the bigger goal. Granted the Chief’s have a lofty reason to stay virus-free but isn’t our combined health a reasonable goal too?

          While the Kansas City Chief’s are doing really well versus the Corona Virus - Lyon County, Kansas is not! As a matter of fact, our area isn’t succeeding with surrounding counties all showing double-digit new cases in the past few days.

          My thinking is it’s time for county commissioners in Lyon, Coffey, Greenwood, Chase, and Osage Coffey counties to re-consider a mask mandate, this time with enforcement.

          School districts need to make sure they are not a part of the problem. Parents and students need to re-visit the rules regularly and not become lax in their behavior.

          We all need to agree this challenge is not only REAL but that we are not winning this battle!  We collectively need to make sure our conduct is not SELFISH!

          Last thought, with Thanksgiving coming - if your decision concerning gatherings on turkey day needs to be rationalized then it’s likely the wrong decision. And, by the way – so-called Corvid Fatigue is a rationalization!

          Let’s resolve to do better! We can defeat the Corona Virus if we get REAL, not be SELFISH, and be willing to SACRIFICE for the common good.

          I’m Steve Sauder and I rest my case.

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