Observed by Christians all over the world we currently are in Lent the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. While it is described as being for 40 days it actually is 47 days from February 17th to April third. 

Lent is the time when Christians are called upon to abstain from something they enjoy like chocolate, alcohol, or meat in order to demonstrate repentance for their sins.

Forty-seven days is a long time so a common question among Christians is - are there any cheat days during Lent? One answer found in Google is that Sundays during this period might be free days because they are considered feast days in Christianity, so even during Lent, feel free to cut loose and indulge a little bit on Sundays! 

I concede this explanation of the Lenten season may not sit well with some more devoted followers, but of course, the final answer is between each person and their Maker.

The following was posted recently on Facebook and while it isn’t exactly abstaining from anything it would seem that if we followed these suggestions God would be very pleased with us. Here goes.

When you are alone, Mind your thoughts.

When you are with friends, Mind your Tongue.

When you are angry, Mind your Temper.

When you are with a group, Mind your behavior.

When you are in Trouble, Mind your emotions.

When God starts Blessing you, Mind your ego.

This year Lent likely has a different feel for many as we all are sacrificing in many ways during the Pandemic. My prayer is that the end of Covid 19 is upon us, but that we all continue to follow the rules so that at this time next year we will be free to attend Easter church services in masses.

Have a blessed Lenten season and No! Abbey, giving up corn for Lent doesn’t qualify.

I’m Steve Sauder

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