American politics are so polarized it is becoming intolerable. Take for example the efforts in dozens of states to change election laws that in 2020 produced the largest and most successful election in American history simply because they lost the election.

Forget who won and lost each race. The facts are that even in the midst of this awful pandemic more Americans voted than ever before and by a large number. That’s a healthy, working system! Obviously, the system isn’t broken, so why try and fix it? That answer is obvious as well. In state after state, where the party in control lost key races including the presidency, they are adjusting their laws to in most cases make voting more difficult.

Voting should never be made more difficult. Making it easier and more convenient just makes sense unless you are afraid of the results when more citizens vote.

Bobbi and I are a great example. We both have health concerns that would have made voting in person during the Covid scare unwise. When we received the letter from the county clerk offering us the opportunity to vote by mail our concerns were answered. 

Making things worse, of course, was our leader not only suggesting voting by mail was somehow dishonest, but also suggesting the entire election was rigged if he lost.

His claims of a rigged or fraudulent election have been rebuked in every way possible. Election officials in almost every state certified results and court after court including the U.S. Supreme Court found no evidence to support President Trump’s claims. Even his own Attorney General gave the 2020 election a clean bill of health.

But, we still have state legislatures in well over half the states promoting “fixing” their election systems that just produced a record result both in terms of votes cast and exhibiting little if any fraud.

This is partisan politics plain and simple. State legislatures dominated by a single party like Kansas are passing meaningless election laws simply because they can. They are promoting solutions looking for a problem.
One of my colleagues at KVOE said he didn’t think most of these proposed changes did much anyway, so then why change anything? Lord knows we don’t need more laws.

Please elected officials stop trying to fix a system that isn’t broken – make voting easier, not more difficult, please.

I’m Steve Sauder and there’s “Something to think about.”

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