The Kansas City Royals are in the World Series! How cool is that?

          Greg Rahe was - right on - yesterday when he suggested to Ron they ought to go back to opening the World Series on a weekday afternoon. 

          Those were the good old days for sure.

          Greg’s comment made me remember as a boy I often developed a stomach ache on the day the World Series started so I could leave school and listen at home.

          Fact is my mom even helped me out once by sending a note to my teacher suggesting “Stevie might be getting sick! “

          What a day yesterday was for the Royals organization?

          How funny was it when owner David Glass was presented the American League championship trophy and the lady said “I never thought 20 years ago when you became an owner this would ever happen?”

          Over the years she was not alone.

          Dayton Moore has had his share of detractors as well. It has taken the Royal’s General Manager quite a bit longer than hoped to realize success, but who’s counting now?

          And of course there’s everybody’s favorite whipping boy - Ned Yost. Not long ago the Royal’s manager was being booed at the “K” on a somewhat regular basis. The Wall Street Journal even called him a dunce! But ‘ol Ned is getting the last laugh. Turns out being a good leader is more important than doing what the experts think you should have done – usually after the fact.

          Yost’s biggest asset in my opinion is he doesn’t get too high when things are good nor too low when they are not so good.

          As I record this on Tuesday afternoon I, of course don’t know what happened last night, but I am sure the Royals played hard and made us proud.

          Predicting baseball is harder than forecasting the weather. ESU’s fine baseball coach Bob Fornelli says it best when he suggests - if his team played the Yankees a hundred times he’d find a way to beat them at least once.

          Baseball is totally unpredictable. Maybe that’s why it’sAmerica’s pastime.

          Don’t get too high and don’t ever give up – it’s baseball and until there’s 3 outs in the ninth you still have a chance. You gotta love our Royals!

          I’m Steve Sauder


I am 68 yeas old and have been on Medicare for about three years.      Here are three questions for my fellow seniors citizens?

          Are you dissatisfied with Medicare?

Have you had issues with the service or convenience when using federal Medicare?

Are you interested or willing to give up your Medicare in order to sign back up with a private, for profit provider?

My answer to all three questions is a resounding NO!

Medicare actually has been a pleasant surprise. Most of you know my healthcare needs have been significant the past few years and Medicare has been really good in terms of coverage, usability and convenience. No problem with obtaining care, selecting doctors or anything.

So, you may understand my concern when my Governor and the legislature he controls have decided Kansas seniors would be better off without Medicare.

          Governor Brownback’s plan is for Kansas to be in a compact of states where Medicare becomes a state block grant style program run by private, for-profit companies.

          The U.S. Senate will need to agree for this to happen, but the Governor is clearly on a mission.

Medicare is one federal program that works well plus Kansas has a horrible record for taking over federal programs. Take Medicaid for example. The three private companies trying to run KanCare are struggling having lost $110,000 million last year and another $72.6 million so far this year!

          So, Kansas Seniors if you like me are happy with your Medicare the best way to protect yourself is to let Governor Brownback and his buddy Representative Huelskamp know – our Medicare is not broken!

          Seems to me the best way to insure Kansas doesn’t drop out of the Federal Medicare program is to get rid of the people who think it needs to be fixed. Ask every candidates where they stand on this question before you vote.

          Election Day is November fourth. Please take time to register and vote.

          I’m Steve Sauder

  No secret about my feeling on our Governor - not a Sam Brownback fan and not alone in this!

          My uncle Harold lives in Independence and like my dad when he speaks it makes good sense to listen.

          He shared with me a flyer from “Kansans for Kansas Values” which described the Brownback leadership style as “a real circus act.”

          Here’s what it said: “Just follow the leader” has been the style of leadership during the Sam Brownback years as Kansas governor. Like circus elephants parading in an arena, far-right Republicans have latched their trunks firmly onto the tails in front of them and followed Brownback’s every move, knowing full well that if they don’t move on his commands, they will face his wrath… and be kicked out of his circus. He’s done it before… and he’ll do it again!”

          The Brownback administration truly has been a circus complete with slight of hand, deception and promises that can never be kept. It’s a show, but unlike the circus there won’t be a happy ending.

          An editorial from the Hays Daily News reprinted in the Gazette had a good example of the Brownback style.

          Seems “the Kansas Division of the Budget told seven state agencies to prepare budgets showing more efficiencies.”

          This obviously was speaking to preparing for more cuts due to low revenue expectations, but when the Gov’s office was asked about the instructions from the Budget office they said they were looking “for ways to govern better and be good stewards of the taxpayer’s money.”

          What a crock, they already have cut budgets to the bone!

          Their explanation is as transparent as the “loans” Brownback’s Lt. Governor made twice to their campaign right before reporting deadlines to make their numbers look better than they really were.

          Hopefully, Kansas voters are paying attention.

          Governor Brownback has made Kansas the laughing stock of this political cycle and the only way to fix that nationwide perception is to toss him out on his ear.

          With the election is just over a month away now is the time to register and prepare to vote. The future of Kansas is absolutely in the balance.

          I’m Steve Sauder.

The recent Supreme Court appointment by Governor Brownback seems to have raised little, if any attention by voters. Governor Brownback chose his former Chief of Staff and recent appointee to the Kansas Court of Appeals, Caleb Stegall for the post over Court of Appeals Judge Karen Arnold-Burger, and Emporia’s Merlin Wheeler, the Chief Judge of the 5th District covering Lyon and Chase Counties.

Brownback’s selection of Stegall was not unexpected, but certainly did open him up for criticism for making an obvious political choice over candidates many thought were most qualified.

Paul Davis and Anthony Hensley and a host of other Democrats, of course were critical. Ryan Wright with the Kansas Value Institute said “Brownback placed trust in the least qualified and least experienced nominee.”

Several critics said the obvious choice was Arnold Burger because of her Court of Appeals experience. Plus being a female she would have helped with gender balance since the Supreme Court is under represented by women.

Once again our Governor did not choose to be obvious, smart or clever. He appointed his friend and former aide.

Monday’s Gazette carried a story from the Wichita Eagle suggesting the ”Judicial selection system worked.”


Unlike Court of Appeals selections the Governor did consider candidates proposed to him from the Kansas Nominating Commission. It appears the Commission did their job selecting: Stegall, a bright new face; Wheeler a tried and trusted, long serving veteran; and Arnold- Burger a well qualified female with next level experience.

Agreed, the system worked.

Governor Brownback did nothing wrong, he just was predictable.

A true test for the Governor will be if he gets re-elected if he tries to eliminate the Nominating Commission for the Supreme Court.

Locally we won by not losing Merlin Wheeler who is an outstanding judge.

The Governor should have taken a longer look. He missed a good opportunity to pick a good man.

I’m Steve Sauder

They rate less, we rate more: We are the Class of 64!

          Catchy, huh?

          Friday and Saturday Emporia will be invaded by members of my high school graduating class for our 50 Year Class Reunion.

          We will start by having a float in the Emporia High School Homecoming Parade extolling one unique accomplishment that sets the EHS Class of 64 apart from all others. Our football team beat Abilene 12-0 breaking what was thought be a national record for loses at 38 straight!

          Unique is probably an understatement! Lots of classes have accomplishments, but few have the opportunity by which the EHS Class of 64 benefitted. Other classes tried, but the Class of 64 got it done! And believe me when I tell you it wasn’t easy.

          So, 50 Year Class Reunion time. What will everyone look like? How much weight have we lost or gained? Still married? Grand kids? Still with us? Amazingly 48 of our 207 class members have already passed away. And, of course health.

Everyone will want to discuss health issues. Lord knows I can fill a book with medical stories - everything from A-Fib to artificial knees.

Since I have no desire to talk about my health all weekend I’m just gonna say “I still have all my teeth.”

Heck, they can see I don’t much hair, that I wear hearing aides and glasses, so letting them know my dental heath is positive should be enough and a lot less boring!

          Saturday night the plan is for a dinner followed by an “open microphone.” What an opportunity!

          My plan will be not to talk about myself – my biography is on-line, but rather to tell my classmates about Emporia and what a wonderful place it is today . They need to know about the surging EmporiaState and the TechCollege, about our parks, the zoo, about our golf courses and fishing and hunting opportunities, about our churches, the Art Center and Granada Theater. They should know about how we honor veterans and how we care about one another.

          Emporia is good place to consider retiring. We have much about which to be proud.

          They rate less, we rate more: We are the Class of 64!

And, yes, I still have all my teeth.

          I’m Steve Sauder.

Wowzer! Not sure that’s a word, but I am sure Kansas has quite a race going on for the United States Senate.

          In the incumbent’s corner we have Republican Pat Roberts – the wiley veteran of 8 terms in the House of Representatives and 2 terms as a Senator from Kansas.

          The challenger is Independent candidate Greg Orman – a political unknown until recently, but a man with a plan and plenty of resources behind him.

          This will be a difficult decision for many Kansas voters.

          Senator Robert’s longevity was used against him in the hotly contested primary election where he won but failed to capture a majority of the votes.

          Robert’s has a sparkling record of leadership and accomplishment in Washington where is noted for important positions especially in agriculture, health care and defense. If he loses Kansas loses its most influential voice on the beltway.

          Orman was raised by his mother in Minnesota. He spent summers

working in his dad’s furniture store warehouse in Stanley, Kansas. He’s been an over achiever from the get-go. He earned a spot in the American Legion’s Boy’s Nation in WashingtonD.C. in 1986 and that’s where he met President Ronald Regan. He graduated from Princeton in 1991.

          Shortly after college Orman developed an efficient lighting system he built into a business he eventually sold to K C Power and Light. From that early success Greg Orman has had the golden touch starting running several very successful companies.

          Monday Orman released his required financial disclosure. The release indicated assets between $21.5 and $85.9 million and an annual income between $917,000 and $4.5 million. Taking the reported assets at their lowest number puts Greg Orman among the wealthiest U.S. Senators.

          Actually, it appears Kansans have a great choice. A long term veteran of Washington politics who is a cinch to hold a high ranking position if the Senate is controlled by Republicans; or the brash newcomer who has a knack for success and has pledged to be a problem solver in D.C. rather than a hard core politician.

          This is a tough decision. Hope you care enough to vote in November.

          I’m Steve Sauder.

          The second Saturday in September is World AFib Awareness Day. When that message arrived from KU Med it hit home with me because I have dealt with Atrial Fibrillation for about 20 years.

          AFib is the most common type of irregular heartbeat. It occurs when one or both of the upper chambers of the heart – called the atria – don’t beat the way they should. This can cause blood to pool in the left atrium, where a blood clot can form. If that clot breaks away, it can travel to the brain, where it can cause a stroke.

          AFib won’t kill you, but a stroke can, so those of us with AFib pay a lot of attention to our blood thickness. A scary fact is that 1/3 of people with AFib will have a stroke at some point.

AFib affects more than 2.7 million people in the United States. The odds of developing AFib go up with age. Amazingly, some people have AFib, but experience no symptoms.

Some of the most prevalent symptoms of Atrial Fibrillation are:

  • Racing, irregular heartbeat

  • Fluttering in the chest

  • Heart palpitations

  • Dizziness

  • Weakness

  • Chest pain

  • Shortness of breath

  • Sweating

  • Fatigue when exercising

  • Faintness

If you’d like to know more about AFib there is a not for profit organization (Global Atrial Fibrillation Alliance) founded for the purpose of bringing patients, physicians and industry together for the common goal of improving the knowledge, awareness and support for the management of AFib.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info on how to get involved.

On September 13th there will be a World AFib Awareness Day at Kansas City’s Crown Center Hotel. Attendees will learn not only about diagnostic treatment and tools, but also about using things like yoga and lifestyle changes to manage AFib.  Register online at www.tinyurl.com/GAFA2014

AFib won’t kill you, but that stroke can!

I’m Steve Sauder and there’s something to think about.

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