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          Emporia has a great deal of positive activity going on.

          You start with our University and Technical College. Both are growing, starting new programs and hold much promise for the future.

          Our hospital has weathered the storm and is truly on the road to recovery if you can pardon the pun.

          Main Street and the Chamber are providing leadership to a community that has a strong retail presence and more jobs than can be filled.

          The eight hundred block of Commercial is alive with activity. Candy, coffee, art, entertainment and even a plumbing shop make for an exciting block. And that’s just an example of what’s happening downtown!

          Now let’s really get excited about Emporia with talk about the Dirty Kansa and the Glass Blown Open both set for spring.

          The DK being billed as the “Decade of Dirty” is expecting over 1200 riders! Their growth is amazing. And, they keep adding smaller events throughout the year like their DK Training Camp in March.

          The Glass Blown Open has exploded! Entries were suspended last week with over 900 in the fold for this week long event. The growth of this event and the disc golf business are based solely and completely in Emporia, so the potential here is off the charts.

          Both events seem to possess great leadership and forethought. This is good because nothing will stop their progress quicker than being poorly run.

          Growth is good, but can also present big challenges. In visiting with both groups it appears they understand how to pull off their races and tournaments, but we question if our community will be ready.

          Hotel rooms fill up quickly and for the Glass Blown Open school will still be in session at ESU so dorm rooms aren’t a possibility. Get the picture?

          My thought is Emporia needs to think outside the box for these and other events that bring bunches of people to town. Are there places for tents? Can churches help with places to sleep, shower and change? Private homes? Are there restrictions that could keep people from opening up their homes?

          Maybe these questions are already being answered, but if not – why not?

          What Emporia has are some tremendous opportunities. Let’s not send the overflow to Topeka if we don’t have to!

          I’m Steve Sauder and There’s Something to Think About.”

In the Gospel of Luke you find the parable of the Good Samaritan. A parable told by Jesus. A traveller (who may or may not have been a Jew) is stripped of clothing, beaten, and left half dead along the road. First a priest and then a Levite come by, but both avoid the man. Finally, a Samaritan comes by. Samaritans and Jews generally despised each other, but the Samaritan helps the injured man. Jesus is described as telling the parable in response to a question regarding the identity of the "neighbour", whom Leviticus says should be loved.

          The parable has inspired painting, sculpture, satire, poetry, and film. The phrase "good Samaritan", meaning someone who helps a stranger, derives from this parable, and many hospitals and charitable organizations are named after the Good Samaritan.

          A Post on Facebook inspired me to look up the “Good Samaritan” because there seems to be a connection we might learn from in today’s world. Wikipedia was helpful.

          It makes sense to me that Christians today might be called upon to consider our Muslin brothers as the “neighbour” whom Leviticus said should be loved. Today more than ever we need “Good Samaritans” to step up and defend or simply lend a hand to a brother in need.

          Lord, please give us direction as we navigate our confused world and help us all be “Good Samaritans” to our neighbours in need. Amen.

          I’m Steve Sauder

People sometimes seek my advice on how to be successful in investing. Obviously my family gave me a great start, but even with that advantage it takes some hard work, a good education, smart choices and really good luck to be successful.

So, with that all said let me share some advice for young investors that is as close to fool proof as anything I know.

This story is worth repeating because it is a tried and true plan that while not very sexy, consistently works.

Four young men went to work for the same company after college. It was a fast growing company and they were being paid very well. So well in fact they sought the advice of an older man who obviously had done well in creating wealth.

"Where should we invest” they asked? “Mutual funds, equities, partnerships, bonds, commodities - what is your best advice?"

The sage older gentlemen said "My best advice is first to invest in cash value life insurance."

"Life insurance? Surely you jest" the youngsters ask.

"No," he said, "because cash value life insurance from a top rated company has passed the test of time over and again. It's not a get rich quick deal, but a decent return is pretty much guaranteed plus you have protection from lots of situations you may face later you can't even imagine today. Those other vehicles might make you more money, but the risk is much, much greater. You can take those risks later.”

He suggested each young man buy as much cash value life insurance as they could afford and said "I promise if you do this you will be thankful some day."

On the occasion of the 4 men’s 43rd birthdays they were together and one fellow asked, "Did any of you follow Mr. Successful’s advice about buying life insurance?"

Three said they had not, but one guy said he had. He said he'd agreed to invest $1,000 per month and that once it started coming out of his account he didn't really miss it. It bought him $1.1 million in a coverage called 65 Life.

"So, how has it worked out," they asked?

He had paid $240,000 in premiums and had a cash surrender value over $300,000, plus insurance coverage over $1.5 million. And, if he continued his premiums his projected Annual Income at age 65 would be over $70,000 a year!

"Best investment I've made," he said "for several reasons with the most important being all these years my family has been well protected and my investment paid consistent dividends.

My advice for anyone wanting build a strong financial foundation in these uncertain times is to take a hard look at cash value life insurance from a good company. Company records are easy to check life insurance seldom loses value!

I'm glad I did!

I'm Steve Sauder

My question is this: Why wouldn’t you shop Emporia first?

          Sounds like the same song just another verse, but the reasoning is still very strong to give Emporia merchants the first crack for your shopping needs.

          First, it just makes sense to shop Emporia first. Business done here benefits friends and neighbors and creates taxes and all that stuff.

          Secondly, our local businesses are flourishing with larger inventories thus a better selection making for happier shoppers.

          We here at KVOE know Emporia business is good. Merchants who are not having successful seasons don’t advertise and we are seeing merchants double up their ad schedules to take advantage of eager shoppers.


          Big deals or small items Emporia has a great selection.

          We have three outstanding jewelry stores; three auto dealers with newly remodeled digs to serve you better; furniture – you said furniture – well if you haven’t looked we have several well stocked stores offering great deals. Outstanding gifts can be found at Emporia’s excellent selection of hardware, home improvement and carpet stores.

Downtown Emporia is doing back flips to gain your attention and offers a variety of unique shopping opportunities. What do you desire? Shoes, candy, sporting goods or clothing, guns, books, engraved items, bath or home needs, custom logoed shirts or bags, jewelry, office needs, dishes, even cool artsy stuff…… there’s no way to name them all.

Visit Emporia’s “main street” for a great shopping experience!

And, don’t forget the Flint Hills Mall with lots of stores inside and all with specials for Christmas.

Still not convinced? How about all Emporia’s many fine places to eat? Gift Cards make cool gifts.

This might be taking a chance, but our fitness centers offer gift cards too, but be very careful!

Emporia has beauty salons galore – is that an acceptable term? They have deals on everything from facials to massages.

They say tanning is great. What a neat gift!

Gift Certificates are an option. The Chamber, Main Street and the Mall all have them for sale.

Enough said and sorry if I missed someone, but Emporia does have much to offer.

So, why wouldn’t you shop Emporia first?

I’m Steve Sauder

Not sure if you watch The Voice on NBC, but Monday night we did and one of the contestants chose to sing “The Old Rugged Cross.”

          The performance was amazing and that song brought back many memories from my days in Gridley where “The Old Rugged Cross” was often sung at the MethodistChurch.

          The judges on The Voice get to critique each performance. Pharrell Williams a young black man said simply: “To God Be the Glory!” He was referencing the famous hymn by that name and in turn praising the performer for not only lifting up his talent, but also his faith.

          Pharrell’s comment stunned me and made me emotional, but more importantly, something important became stuck in my mind. Later my eyes closed not knowing what this was. At 5:01 A.M. God evidently gave up on me figuring this out on my own and awoke me from a deep sleep telling me to connect “To God Be the Glory” and my friend Cheryl Doty.

          Many of you know Cheryl. She came to work with me at Steve Sauder Real Estate in 1980. She stayed with me through the founding of Valu-line and into Birch. She now works days at the First Congressional Church.

          Cheryl Doty was amazing. She could do anything – punctuate a sentence, spell any and every word and even help solve thorny personnel challenges.

          Early in our working together days CD found her way to our church – Emporia’s First United Methodist and more importantly to the choir. Pretty sure Cheryl would tell you that relationship changed her life. Today she also works for our church as Director of Music Ministry.

          Her job description must be a long one because it includes singing in the choir, being a regular soloist, leading congressional singing during services, being a member of the Joyful Ringers, our bell choir, directing multiple youth choirs and participating in about a dozen other church activities.

          Jeanie Jensen our pastor at the First United Methodist church told me Cheryl is the best music minister she has worked with suggesting “her music opens hearts.” Jeanie explained often after Cheryl sings her message is more easily received.

          “To God Be the Glory” aptly describes Cheryl Doty when she is singing. Her face shines, her voice is proud and confident yet her humble nature is evident. Our Lord blessed Cheryl with a wonderful talent which she is willing to share. She is indeed a blessing.

          And the congregation said “AMEN!”

          I’m Steve Sauder.

          Saturday morning on our SportsTalk show we honored Greg Rahe for 30 years of outstanding work as our Sports Director.

          As a testament to his good work Greg was surprised by about a dozen coaches and collogues who braved the rain to come to the KVOE studio to congratulate Greg and another group who called in for the same purpose.  It was an amazing display.

          Most radio stations have Sports Directors, but few if any have one like Greg. His dedication to covering every sport and every result often in person is legendary.

          Greg is the voice of the Hornets too and that means trips to places hours away often twice in the same week. Greg often arrives back in Emporia and goes directly to the station and starts his work day. You’d think he was on probation.

          Ron Thomas pointed out a fact that is pretty amazing. In over thirty years at KVOE he doesn’t think Greg has ever taken a sick day!

          Now for the rest of the story: Greg Rahe is amazing and his efforts are legendary and his work ethic without peer, but he isn’t unique in many respects at KVOE. Our entire staff possess many of the same attributes Greg has.

          Ron Thomas was here when we purchased the stations in 1986. He  actually left Emporia for a year or two. When he returned in ‘91 he took over as Program Director and later became our fourth General Manager. If Greg Rahe needed a role model Ron Thomas qualified!

          Tim Miller has been with KVOE since October of 1988 – almost 29 years. He leads our Sales Team and has been the Voice of Emporia High Sports for almost 29 years.

Steve Inwood has been his side kick on EHS coverage for most of that time and also has been an account executive for nearly 20 years.

          Listen to these other time of employment numbers and you’ll see things don’t change a lot at KVOE.

          Karri Kimberlin – 19 years; Terry Bontrager 17; Scott Hayes 16; Sean Thornton 14; Erren Harter 13 years.

          Chuck Samples just left us after 14 years. Roger Hartsook had 2 hitches at KVOE so adding his time up is difficult, but he was with us just short of 30 years. And Jeff O’Dell, Lee Schroeder and Lea Firestone each logged at least 2 decades here.

          We now have more “newbies” than normal – folks employed less than 8 years. We actually have 5 with less than 2 years here. They are all earning their spurs and doing well.

          I hope you get the picture. KVOE people seem to like what they do and stay for a long time.

          Greg Rahe is exceptional and this week he is our Poster Boy at KVOE where working hard and smart is the norm as we serve our community and do our best to keep it informed.

          Thanks for listening, I’m Steve Sauder.

          I am admittedly not well informed on the situation in theMiddle East. I have friends that are both Jewish and Muslim, so I try not to take a side in their disputes.

          An e-mail provided me today entitled “What the World Owes the Jews” contained information I believe to be factual. I’ll share the story and finish with two intriguing statements to think about.

          Supposedly Iran’s Grand Ayatollah Ali Khomeini recently urged the Muslim world to boycott anything that originated from the Jewish people.

          In response, a Jewish pharmacist offered to assist the Muslims with their boycott.

          He suggested any Muslim with Syphilis not seek the cure called Salvarsan because it was discovered by a Jew.

          Amazingly a person in boycott of things Jewish wouldn’t even be able to find out if they have Syphilis because the test for this disease, called the Wasserman, you guessed it - was discovered by a Jew.

          This boycott doesn’t appear to be such a good idea.

          There are many other Jewish discoveries.

          Digitalis used for heart disease; Novocaine for toothaches; Insulin for diabetics; Bella Shick discovered a treatment for Diphtheria; how about Penicillin? And Polio and Infantile Paralysis which we now control with a vaccine founded by Jonas Salk – a Jew.

Heard enough?

          How about this one?

          Someone in boycott of things Jewish would not be able to use their cell phone to call a doctor because it was invented by an engineer in Israel!

          We hear a lot about Irangetting a nuclear weapon – not with this boycott because the theoretical foundation for nukes was discovered by a group of Jews led by Albert Einstein.

          Why is it that these two factions cannot get along and all attempts to help them have failed?

          As said before I don’t know much about their differences, but I can conclude ideas like this boycott are not so brilliant.

          Now, here are the statements mentioned earlier.

          “If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence. If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel.”

          Let me repeat that.

          “If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence. If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel.”

          Are those statements true or false?

          There’s something to think about, and I’m Steve Sauder.

          It Can Wait. Com is a wonderful effort to which we all need to pay attention. The It Can Wait project is sponsored by AT & T. Now I don’t usually line up with AT & T, but this is really important.

          It Can Wait refers to texting while driving.

          The project includes a Pledge to not text while driving. Over 7 million pledges have been recorded.

          AT & T also offers an App for your phone called AT&T Drive Mode. It lets friends and family know you are driving and can’t text or receive a text.

          So, why you ask is this so important?      

We don’t know exactly how many people died from a texting accident, but we do know 23% of auto accidents involve the use of a cell phone!

75% of teenagers admit to using their phones while driving and the adult number is not far behind.

4 in 10 people admit to doing social media

 – Twitter, Face book etc. while driving.

Texting makes you 23 times more likely to have a wreck!

Simply dialing while driving increases your chance of a problem by 2.8 times; talking ups your number to 1.3 times more likely; and just reaching for your cell phone makes an accident 1.4 times more likely.

Texting reduces a driver’s reaction time to equal that of a person that had consumed 4 beers.

If you could create and send a text message in 5 seconds – most of us can’t even find the person to send one to in that time – anyway, in that 5 seconds at 55 miles per hour your car travels over the length of a football field and you – the driver are essentially blindfolded!

What can we do?

First – limit our cell phone usage by the driver in the car with absolutely no texting..

The AT&T App – Drive Mode is a good step. A better step is putting your cell phone somewhere in the car where you cannot reach it.

If you are like me you know there have been too many times when just talking on my hands free cell in my car has distracted my driving. So, please think seriously about your own habits and those of your loved ones.

It’s pretty amazing what a word of caution from mom, dad, grand ma or Papa, a brother or sister or a friend can have.

IT CAN WAIT really should be more than just a slogan!

I’m Steve Sauder.

Emporia State University is the most important operation in our community. Fortunately both our city and county commissions have embraced the idea that Emporia is a university community. That means ESU is an economic engine for us just like Tyson, farming or Hostess.

ESU has long been a role model for academic excellence especially in the areas of teacher education, accounting, science, theater, music and art. I am sure other disciplines are good too, but I am aware of the work in these areas.

ESU despite being the victim of state budget cuts and leadership changes continues to set a high standard.

Four leaders have combined to set a solid course for the university.

Edward Flentje was the interim president after Michael Lane. Too few know the wonderful job Ed performed especially in challenging the ESU Foundation.

Michael Shonrock was a unique leader who brought a style all his own to the job of President. He energized not only the campus, but our entire area.

Jackie Vietti served as ESU's interim president while the selection of Allison Garrett took place. President Vietti had everything but the kitchen sink thrown at her during her stay - budget cuts, law suits and upheaval, but she took care of business and left a strong operation for our new president.

Allison Garrett will be inaugurated as ESU's 17th President on the 16th day of September. Allison brought a corporate savvy to our school having worked for a large corporation's legal department before entering higher education. We have noticed her ability to view things from a different perspective which is good.

We have been blessed with four strong leaders in a row and good leadership at the ESU Foundation has led to a successful capital campaign – the largest in the school’s history.

Our university and Tech College students are back in town now which is obvious with increased traffic and such. We miss them when they are gone and love'em when they are here.

During disc golf Glass Blown Open and World Championships and the Dirty Kansa Bike Race we hear about how friendly our town can be. Many of us go out of our way to welcome visitors. This is really good and indicates that Emporia has embraced the idea of being good hosts.

My thought today is why not do the same thing for our college student guests? It takes little effort and if we all started working these kids I'm thinking we can create those same positive thoughts we get from the disc golfers and bikers.

Thanking a youngster for choosing to go to school in Emporia is easy. Then ask them where they are from and what they are studying and who knows - you might make a new friend.

Our schools are our biggest assets, so let’s work together to let the students and staff know we appreciate them being in Emporia!

I’m Steve Sauder

          This is not intended to scare anyone, but to inform you about traps in youth sports.

          That may sound strange coming from Steve Sauder, but there are some traps!

          According to TIME magazine spending on youth sports in the U.S. has jumped from $8 billion to $15 billion in the last decade!

          For what you ask?

          Team fees, travel, coaching, equipment, uniforms and so on.

          The traps come when parents go overboard pushing their youngsters in hopes of earning a college scholarship. That's the biggest goal.

          Facts are only 2% of high school athletes get a D-I, NCAA

scholarship. This doesn't mean a scholarship is a bad goal, but it does mean spending thousands of dollars a year in pursuit of that scholarship isn't a good bet. A savings account might be a better one!

          Here's another trap. According to TIME "the more money families pour into youth sports, the more pressure the kids feel - and the less they enjoy their sport."

          If your son's baseball team joins the right organization they can have a national ranking versus other teams - starting at age 4? Of course you'll have to subscribe to the website for results.

          The USSSA is a not for profit group that promotes youth sports. Their 2015 revenues were $13.7 million and their CEO earned 831,000 bucks!

          Another trap is specialization - choosing a single sport early. Research shows this leads to more injury, burnout and depression. And, a recent NCAA survey indicated 88% of scholarship recipients played 2 or 3 sports throughout high school.

          My point is participation is great and travel teams are likely a necessity, but be real. It’s not a good plan to mortgage your house to send Junior to wrestling camp. Youth sports need a budget just like groceries.

          Even if you are convinced you have the next Tiger Woods in your family - keep it real. Coaches find talent and talented athletes find places to show off their skill in due time. Patience may be a virtue worth considering.

          Have you heard about Joey Erace? His on-line name is Joey Baseball. He has a hitting coach at $100 an hour and a fielding coach too. He lives in New Jersey but plays for teams in Texas and California. His dad admitted they have already spent over $30,000 on his baseball career. By the way - Joey Baseball is ten years old!

Have to wonder if he will even remember being a kid?

          Thanks for listening, I'm Steve Sauder

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