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The recent Supreme Court appointment by Governor Brownback seems to have raised little, if any attention by voters. Governor Brownback chose his former Chief of Staff and recent appointee to the Kansas Court of Appeals, Caleb Stegall for the post over Court of Appeals Judge Karen Arnold-Burger, and Emporia’s Merlin Wheeler, the Chief Judge of the 5th District covering Lyon and Chase Counties.

Brownback’s selection of Stegall was not unexpected, but certainly did open him up for criticism for making an obvious political choice over candidates many thought were most qualified.

Paul Davis and Anthony Hensley and a host of other Democrats, of course were critical. Ryan Wright with the Kansas Value Institute said “Brownback placed trust in the least qualified and least experienced nominee.”

Several critics said the obvious choice was Arnold Burger because of her Court of Appeals experience. Plus being a female she would have helped with gender balance since the Supreme Court is under represented by women.

Once again our Governor did not choose to be obvious, smart or clever. He appointed his friend and former aide.

Monday’s Gazette carried a story from the Wichita Eagle suggesting the ”Judicial selection system worked.”


Unlike Court of Appeals selections the Governor did consider candidates proposed to him from the Kansas Nominating Commission. It appears the Commission did their job selecting: Stegall, a bright new face; Wheeler a tried and trusted, long serving veteran; and Arnold- Burger a well qualified female with next level experience.

Agreed, the system worked.

Governor Brownback did nothing wrong, he just was predictable.

A true test for the Governor will be if he gets re-elected if he tries to eliminate the Nominating Commission for the Supreme Court.

Locally we won by not losing Merlin Wheeler who is an outstanding judge.

The Governor should have taken a longer look. He missed a good opportunity to pick a good man.

I’m Steve Sauder

Very impressed was my reaction to Emporia Board of Education’s applicants for the open spot on their board when Brent Windsor left.

          No less than six people applied – that was awesome! Thank you to: Jennifer Dalton; Shilo Good; Melissa Reed; Jeff Lutes; Iona Moore and the eventual selectee: Colleen Mitchell.

          Your willingness to serve was amazing. Especially given the difficulties facing K-12, public education in Kansas. Running a school district has long been hard work, but when you add in the messes our Kansas legislature and governor have created you have to wonder why anyone would want to serve?

          Look at the challenges being faced in North and South Lyon County and Chase County and you get a better understanding of what our school leaders are facing. Thanks to all that serve and thanks again to the applicants for the USD 253 opening.

          And, wow! What a great selection in Colleen Mitchell! Over thirty years of teaching experience and to say she was a good teacher would be a massive understatement! She was the Kansas Teacher of the Year in 2013 and a Master Teacher as well. She’s also part of a family that does business in our community thus giving her appreciation for things like property taxes and expenses.

          Colleen won’t be the only former teacher on the Board, but adding her experience will help non-teachers better understand. And, she too will get an education as to the challenges faced by school administrators. This has to be a win/win situation.

          Why would anyone want to serve on a public school Board of Education?

While local control is always talked about our state and federal governing bodies have perfected the art of mandating programs or requirements, but often without proper funding?

          Thankfully, we have local folks willing to take on the challenge, so thanks again to everyone willing to serve.

          I’m Steve Sauder and there’s something to think about.

          This election for president of the United States is beyond belief. It appears that if either candidate had good sense about themselves they could be walking away with this contest.

          According to Good Clear Politics from the Internet the average from 8 polls shows Donald and Hillary in a virtual deal heat in the race to be the most unfavorable. Trump shows 58.6% unfavorable with Ms. Clinton close behind at 55.3% unfavorable.

          Gee, I wonder why?

          Trump has insulted every possible faction of the electorate starting with John McCain and moving on. Too many to count!

          Clinton’s Saturday gaff – characterizing Trump’s backers as a “bigoted basket of deplorables” becomes even more amazing if you believe that remark was reportedly not conceived by the candidate, but written by her speech writers, approved by her staff and then read from a teleprompter during her speech.

          Next we get to the health issues. Trump’s Doctor and his comical letter would seem to have been better used as a spot on Saturday Night Live.

          Mrs. Clinton’s health is another question  indeed. All in all the handling of her bout with pneumonia has only added clout to the argument that she is hard to trust.

          Both candidates are disliked by more than like them and their health is in question for several valid reasons. Makes me wonder what the over and under might be on either of them being able to serve a 4 year term?

          Those thoughts shifted my attention to the candidates for Vice President. Me thinks they might be more important than usual?

          I’m not suggesting anything, but given the times we live in, the health of these two and the polarization of the opposing factions and I can see a VP becoming president as a fairly high probability.

          So, Mike Pence or Tim Kaine?

          Pence is 57, an attorney, the 50th Governor of Indiana and a former member of the U. S. House of Representatives.

          Kaine is 56, also an attorney and currently serving as a Senator representing Virginia. He was the Governor of Virginia from 2006 to 2010 and mayor of Richmond, Virginia for 3 years.

          About this I am serious. I’m not voting for Trump and Clinton is fast becoming a non-option, so what do I do?

          Not vote? I do not like that idea. I’ve never missed an opportunity to vote.

          I may just vote for one of the VP’s. That might be my answer.

          I’m Steve Sauder

There is a petition going around asking the Emporia City Commission to get involved in the issue of the availability of White Auditorium for Emporia State’s basketball teams should they have the opportunity to host their Regional Tournament.

The problem as many know is these NCAA Regionals always fall on the same week as the state high school basketball tournaments and Emporia has hosted a state high school tournament for as long as we can remember.

Over a decade ago there was an attempt to host both at White, but a broken leg and some very late game times messed that idea up.

On at least 3 occasions since then our Lady Hornets were in position to host, but denied that opportunity because the gym was not available.

A recent attempt to utilize Emporia high school's gym didn’t fly either.

The group carrying the Petition is on the right track in my opinion by asking the City of Emporia to get involved.

The best possibility for reaching a compromise will be if the City and the Kansas State Activities Association can reach an agreement.

Ft. Hays worked a deal with the Activities Association a few years ago when they had the opportunity to host a NCAA Regional. The high school tournament was moved to another city at the last minute, but then returned to Hays the next year. We understand Hays thinks they can do this again if necessary. Emporia need that same deal!

The difference being Ft. Hays owns their facility, Gross Coliseum. ESU rents White Auditorium so Emporia City needs to speak.

Petition organizer Gary Ace tells me his group does not want to see White “dark” meaning they aren't seeking “an all or nothing” deal.

Emporia through its’ city officials needs to request from the Activities Association an agreement similar to Hays' where under certain circumstances the high school state tournament could be moved for that year.

Emporia has the reputations for being one of the best hosts for state basketball tournaments, combining that with Emporia's obligation to assist our university in this matter the Kansas High School Activities Association should be reasonable.

Such an arrangement would be fragile. Timing would be tight. Regional hosts are often not decided until Sunday night with both tournaments starting on Wednesday or Thursday.

We could see the decision to move the high school event made a week or two early only to see the Regional go elsewhere. That could result in "no tournament" in Emporia. That’s a chance we might have to be prepared to live with.


You bet. If it wasn’t it would have been resolved a long time ago.

What I do believe is getting Emporia city officials to take a stand might give a compromise a chance it hasn’t had for some time. It's worth a try!

And, yes I signed the petition.

I'm Steve Sauder.


Kansas City baseball has a rich history which includes only one World Championship, but the memories are amazing.

          In 1955 Kansas City became a major league baseball city. Unfortunately, the A’s were awful from day one until 1967 when they moved to Oakland. Names like Catfish Hunter and Blue Moon Odom came on board in 66 and Reggie Jackson was drafted the year before A’s success started in California.

          A’s memories include: Gus Zerial, Harry “Suitcase” Simpson, Vic Power, Bert “Campy” Campaneris, Lou Krausse and Lou Pinella. And of course Charles O. Finley.

          Fortunately major league baseball liked Kansas City and the Royal’s were created one year after the A’s left.

Since 1969 the Royal’s are 3,610 and 3,840 not including last night. They’ve played in three World Series winning in 1985. Our boy’s have made the playoffs just 8 times in 46 years, but we still love them!

This year’s team is very talented. Recently Major League Baseball named a Franchise Four for each team. The Royal’s 4 best players were: George Brett, Frank White, Dan Quisenberry and Brett Saberhagen. No argument here.

Just for fun let’s do “Best Ever” by position.

Left field is Alex Gordan with Bo Jackson a close second; Center field goes to Lorenzo Cain in a battle with Amos Otis and Willie Wilson; Right field is tough with Al Cowens edging Jeramine Dye; Brett at third; Alcides Escobar at short over Freddie Patek; White at second with Eric Hozmer at first over John Mayberry and Steve “Bye Bye” Balboni. DH is tough, but Hal McCrea was special; Salvadore Perez is my catcher. Pitchers are too difficult to pick. Saberhagen and Quiz were great, but so were Splittorf, Leanard, Busby, Greinke, Cone, Montgomery and Holland. And maybe Wade Davis!

This year’s team is special. Very talented and getting the breaks winners seem to find. Not sure what happened last night, but this recent skid should NOT be a concern. No, it’s not fun to lose, but this is baseball and those other guys are really good too. Teams like the White Sox are playing to impress – it’s September!

Ned Yost is using his big advantage in the standings to get his players rested and ready for the playoffs. Win or lose in the post season what Ned is doing right now is calculated to make his team better in October.  

Here’s a fun question to ponder: If you are starting a team made up of former Royal’s who is your first pick? George Brett or Bo Jackson.

Royal’s baseball – got to love’em!

I’m Steve Sauder

       Homecoming 2013 at Emporia State is this weekend. Not sure if there has been 150 Homecomings, but this is ESU’s 150th year, so this is a special celebration.

          If you listen here on KVOE, read the Gazette or go online to you can figure out all the Homecoming 2013 events.

          I’m not sure if there’s a parade on Saturday morning, but I do know Distinguished Alums will be honored and the Athletic Hall of Honor will induct five new folks plus honor a national runner up baseball team.

          Last night things kicked off with the Movie Magic Pop’s concert. The Homecoming Musical All Shook Up runs all week as well.

          A special feature will be at 5:30 on Saturday when The Green River Ordinance plays in Webb Lecture Hall until eight o’clock. Once known as The Invaders this band is in the Kansas Music Hall of Fame and features a couple of former Emporians: Glen Andrews and Bob Yoos. Yes, one is a past Distinguished Alum and the other the son of Earl and Elizabeth Yoos who operated the Drapery Den for years.

          Guess it would be a mistake to forget football. The Hornets are 5-0, ranked 23rd nationally and really fun to watch. That game will kick off at 2:37 Saturday afternoon. MIAA TV is the reason for the odd time.

          Another very special event will be at 10:30 Saturday morning when the John Baxter Sports Medicine Facility will have a donor’s reception.

Talk about an icon! Doc Baxter has given ESU athletes and others great service for nearly 50 years and to honor him a new state of the art training facility has been built.

Emporia State is not only celebrating 150 years, but also an enrollment over 6 thousand students. A new positive attitude is very evident under President Michael Shonrock’s leadership.

            ESU is Emporia’s Crown Jewell and we all need to let students, faculty and staff know how much we appreciate them. Tell a Hornet today thanks for attending Emporia State.

            Stingers Up! I’m Steve Sauder

They rate less, we rate more: We are the Class of 64!

          Catchy, huh?

          Friday and Saturday Emporia will be invaded by members of my high school graduating class for our 50 Year Class Reunion.

          We will start by having a float in the Emporia High School Homecoming Parade extolling one unique accomplishment that sets the EHS Class of 64 apart from all others. Our football team beat Abilene 12-0 breaking what was thought be a national record for loses at 38 straight!

          Unique is probably an understatement! Lots of classes have accomplishments, but few have the opportunity by which the EHS Class of 64 benefitted. Other classes tried, but the Class of 64 got it done! And believe me when I tell you it wasn’t easy.

          So, 50 Year Class Reunion time. What will everyone look like? How much weight have we lost or gained? Still married? Grand kids? Still with us? Amazingly 48 of our 207 class members have already passed away. And, of course health.

Everyone will want to discuss health issues. Lord knows I can fill a book with medical stories - everything from A-Fib to artificial knees.

Since I have no desire to talk about my health all weekend I’m just gonna say “I still have all my teeth.”

Heck, they can see I don’t much hair, that I wear hearing aides and glasses, so letting them know my dental heath is positive should be enough and a lot less boring!

          Saturday night the plan is for a dinner followed by an “open microphone.” What an opportunity!

          My plan will be not to talk about myself – my biography is on-line, but rather to tell my classmates about Emporia and what a wonderful place it is today . They need to know about the surging EmporiaState and the TechCollege, about our parks, the zoo, about our golf courses and fishing and hunting opportunities, about our churches, the Art Center and Granada Theater. They should know about how we honor veterans and how we care about one another.

          Emporia is good place to consider retiring. We have much about which to be proud.

          They rate less, we rate more: We are the Class of 64!

And, yes, I still have all my teeth.

          I’m Steve Sauder.

          According to Wikipedia - Patriotism is an emotional attachment to a nation which an individual recognizes as their homeland. This attachment, also known as national feeling or national pride, can be viewed in terms of different features relating to one's own nation, including ethnic, cultural, political or historical aspects.

          With that definition in mind America it appears owes a giant debt of gratitude to football player Colin Kaepernick, the second string quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers that a few weeks ago started a firestorm in America by choosing to sit down during the playing of our country’s national anthem.

          His actions brought a great deal of attention to his cause – the mistreatment of minorities in America, but it also brought out a lot of pent up patriotism in lots of Americans.

          At this point in time when many Americans are questioning why our choices for president of the good ol’ USA are so ridiculously limited it is good that we are experiencing a revival of patriotism in ways we haven’t seen since the events of 9-11.

          There have been some wonderful examples. At the last Royals game I attended one of my sons got my attention by the manner in which stood and almost saluted – actually his hand was over his heart, but it was obvious he was making a point!

          And if you missed the displays of patriotism during the Ryder Cup golf matches last weekend you missed a lot. On Saturday with American stars Patrick Reed and Jordan Spieth walking towards a green the crowd spontaneously broke out singing the Stars Spangled Banner. Reed and Spieth walked side by side with their hands over their hearts! It was amazing.

          Colin Kapernick’s point has been well documented and it was a reasonable exercise in American rights, but the unintended results from his sit down in the form of good ‘ol American patriotism far out weighs his result.

          God Bless the USA!

          I’m Steve Sauder

Psychologists tell us we cannot have or enjoy good without evil. In fact one says "evil is simply the absence of good!"

Whatever we believe the presence of evil happenings in our world over the past few weeks has been alarming.

Evil weather events in the form of hurricanes and earthquakes like we not seen before. Mass shootings so common now that the killing of three people in Lawrence over the weekend barely made national news only to be forgotten by the events in Las Vegas; and rhetoric from people of all sorts that’s so divisive we can hardly listen.

Thankfully, Jamie Reever our local United Way President offered some relief on Face Book by sharing a short poem written by Langston Hughes, a black man born in Joplin, Missouri who actually passed away in 1967 that says it all for me.

The title is Tired.

          As Jamie explained to me she is  "just tired of all the evil in our world today."

          Here’s Tired  by Langston Hughes:

            I am so tired of waiting,

          Aren't you,

          For the world to become good,

          And beautiful and kind?

          Let us take a knife

          And cut the world in two -

          And see what worms are eating

          At the rind.


          I think that’s worth hearing again:




            Tired  by Langston Hughes:

I am so tired of waiting,

          Aren't you,

          For the world to become good,

          And beautiful and kind?

          Let us take a knife

          And cut the world in two -

          And see what worms are eating

          At the rind.


          I'm Steve Sauder.


          Election Day is less than a week away – please vote.

          Four incumbents up for re-election are my topic today - U.S. Senator Pat Roberts; First District Congressman Tim Huelskamp; Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and 76th District of Kansas Representative Peggy Mast.

          My hope is we keep one and lose three.

          Senator Roberts’ biggest sin is he’s a lifelong politician. Retaining him will not only be good for Kansasit could help our country move away from gridlock.

          President Obama obviously seeks a positive legacy. Faced with a Republican controlled congress he will either find ways to compromise in his final two years or be remembered for accomplishing little. Immigration reform, tax reform and the Keystone Pipeline come to mind, but only if Harry Reid is out of power.

Retain Pat Roberts.

          Representative Huelskamp has embarrassed Kansas enough. Amazingly he got himself kicked off the Agriculture and Budget committees. His continued presence in Washington puts final funding for the National Bio & Agro-Defense Facility known as NBAF inManhattan in doubt.

Jim Sherow is a good Kansan and a giant step up from Huelskamp.

          Governor Brownback’s pro-growth tax policies have our state on the verge of financial collapse. He can explain away many things but not the two lower credit ratings Kansashas received from Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.

          Brownback must truly believe Kansans are gullible. Three times now the governor and his running mate loaned money to their campaign so their Campaign Finance Report would exceed their opponents. The total amount of this deception reached $1.7 million this week with the loans being repaid the next day after filing the reports!

Sorry Governor, but Kansans are smarter than you think.

Regardless of who get elected Governor Kansas is facing a bloodbath financially. The difference is Paul Davis recognizes the looming disaster and will take action to right the ship. Sam Brownback on the other hand will likely call for another “shot of adrenaline” i.e., more tax cuts to keep “the sun shining on Kansas.”

It is time for a new governor in Kansas!

Representative Peggy Mast is not only a soldier in Brownback’s army she’s one of the leaders! So much so that two years she chose following leadership orders over supporting Emporia State University.

Replacing Representative Mast with Teresa Briggs would be a blow to the Governor’s support system.

Briggs is a dedicated leader, a good listener and she can remember who she represents.

KVOE does not do endorsements. What you just heard are my thoughts for your consideration.

Election Day is next Tuesday. Please exercise your right and privilege to vote.

I’m Steve Sauder.

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