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Every Friday morning at 8:15, Phil Taunton will join the KVOE Morning show and let listeners know What’s In Outdoors.

 Below you can listen to past shows and find information relating to all kinds of stuff.  ENJOY!


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What's In Outdoors Calendar

All Year

Kansas Crappie Club Tournaments - More Info

Mar 30

NWTF Flint Hills Gobblers 18th Annual Spring Turkey Hunting Clinic & Internet Assisted Hunters Education Class - Flyer - Info

Mar 30

2019 FH QUWF Banquet - Info

Mar 30

Cabela's King Kat Tournament Trail @ Milford Lake - Flyer

Apr 6

Morel Mushroom Seminar @ Council Grove Marina - Info

Apr 20

QUWF Headwaters Archery Bow Shoot - Schedule

Apr 27

3rd annual "Youth Aquatic Education Day" - Flyer

May 18 & 19

QUWF Headwaters Archery Bow Shoot - Schedule

June 2-7

KWF Outdoor Adventure Camp - Info

June 15 & 16

QUWF Headwaters Archery Bow Shoot - Schedule

July 20 & 21

QUWF Headwaters Archery Bow Shoot - Schedule

Aug 17 & 18

QUWF Headwaters Archery Bow Shoot - Schedule

Sept 21 & 22

QUWF Headwaters Archery Bow Shoot - Schedule



Tom Weipert - The Mushroom King

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Looking for a fun, educational time in the Great Outdoors?

On April 6th….Tom Weipert, the Mushroom King will be coming to Marina Cove on Council Grove Reservoir.

Join Tom for breakfast and an educational seminar on Morel mushrooms to be followed by a field trip in search of the elusive morel.

The Mushroom King will share his knowledge of finding mushrooms, experiences and show some interesting displays. He will also share information on how to clean, prepare and store your harvest along with some great recipes and samples of his delicious mushroom soup!

Pre-registration is helpful, but not necessary.

The cost to participate is $15, payable when you arrive on the morning of the event.

Clothing and shoes suitable for hiking are strongly advised.

Please call the Council Grove Marina at 620-767-5924 or Ginger at 785-499-3610 to pre-register or for more information. Hope to see you there!

  • Dave Howard, president of JMA Outdoors. INC will be our guest. 



  • Interview with Jason Conger. Watertown, Tennessee.

Jason is an avid outdoorsman, owner of the Cottage House, Council Grove and has donated a two night stay at the Cottage House to the What’s in Outdoors Fund,


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  • Recap of the Topeka Boat and Outdoor Show with interviews from Danny King, Todd Huckabee, David Studebaker, and Vance Montgomery. - https://vimeo.com/315681023

topeka bos

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More interviews from the Topeka Boat and Outdoor Show with Shane Pickett- https://www.facebook.com/1191148117/posts/10215286865303509/

  • Flint Hills Living - Episode 32

Flint Hills Living Episode 32 from The Flint Hills Life Channel on Vimeo.

  • Recap of Fishing's Future at R3 Summit in Wichita


Christa & Fred of Gringo's Pork Rinds joins the show

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3rd Annual Youth Aquatic Education Day in Marina Cove, Council Grove Reservoir. This event sponsored by Fishing's Future, KDWPT Fish Ks,  What’s in Outdoors Fund and KVOE Radio Stations, Emporia is a free "hands-on" learning activity event for youth and family.

Contact Phil Taunton, 620-794-5373 or Fishing's Future on Facebook for more information. Be sure to come to visit the Rusty Parrot Patio and feed the fish!

  • Texans Carleigh and Cooper visited Kansas for the first time this Christmas and will tell of their Holiday adventures in the land of “Tornadoes and Cold!”











  • A What’s in Outdoors “Tip of the Hat” to Fishing’s Future for the Zebco Combos to provide youth and families the opportunity to catch smiles and memories to last a lifetime!








  • Fishing's Future Master Angler, championship, flytier, jig maker, fish fryer, grillmaster and grandfather,  Kim Burnett of Olathe will join us to discuss his lifetime hobbies and crappie fishing off docks during the winter season.







  • Support Mallory Mitchell


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