• Chris Geib, with Sunsect insect repellent and sunscreen will join us on the show Friday to discuss the first ever insect repellent/sunscreen combo. 

Chris hails from Tampa,  Florida.

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Sunsect Flyer - Sunsect Brochure



  • Recap of Earth Day Observance at Greiffenstein Alternative  Elementary Grade School in Wichita. 



  • Meet Easton and his Baby Turtles!







  • Not every snake is a rattlesnake, copperhead or water moccasin!
Layne and Easton are fascinated by "all things" Outdoors!
No snake, turtle, child or radio host was hurt in the taking of these pictures, but we did lose a bystander or two!






  • What's in Outdoor's "Catch of the Week!"


Ethan Schneider of Olpe, caught this goldfish, Koi or carp (?) at Santa Fe Trails Cove, Council Grove Reservoir while fishing for crappie! 

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