• Yeager/Jenkins Catfish Tournament.

What a great year for the fishing tournament. This year we had 15 teams (over 60 people fishing) and 13 of the weighed fish. The first night was a little rough for everyone but they pulled through night number 2. We weighed 1846.6 pounds of fish over the weekend. It's honestly hard to believe how far this tournament has come since we started. From six teams and about 45 people at the weigh-in to what we had this year is amazing. We hope to get even bigger next year. Thank you to the Hartford High football team for serving a great breakfast. A huge thank you to all those who fished so hard this weekend and everyone who attended the weigh-ins. Without you, all none of this would be possible. Thank you, everyone, see you all next year. 

Results each team's biggest 5 fish of the weekend:

1st Archery Assassin-204.6 with big fish of 55 pounds

2nd Team Conley- 161.2 

3rd Team Varvel- 160.6 

4th Master Baiters- 150

5th Team Meyer- 145

6th Stompin' Ground- 140.8

7th Team Baughn- 136.8

8th Team Jarak- 104.6

9th City Slickers- 98

10th Burris/Warton- 80.8

11th Cheddar Bob's- 48.6

12th Team Stumpy- 39.8

13th Team Smith- 34.2

14th Yeager Bombs and Team No Show- caught lots of fish decided not to weigh.

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