Brian Underwood, director of the Lakewood Discovery Center will join us on the show to discuss the Smoky Hills Outdoors Youth Festival

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Lakewood Discovery Center is a feature of Salina Parks & Recreation Department, our mission goal is to provide opportunities for the community to explore and learn about our environment through self- discovery and hands-on activities.  Lakewood provides Salina with its own urban wildlife sanctuary and nature center to help reach our goals.  The wildlife sanctuary consists of a multitude of habitats that allow Kansas wildlife feel at home so close to the city.  The learning opportunities that abound while walking the nature trails are endless, along with their relaxing effects on people that encounter them.

The Discovery Center is a teaching tool in a sense that we provide many of the outdoor aspects that we have in the park in an indoor setting.  Lakewood provides visitors an opportunity to get up close to some of our more private residences that are in the park.  Through these encounters, we hope that the visitor’s awareness and knowledge of our native wildlife will increase.  As our community grows, we also want to grow with them, and continue to provide a great place to observe, and learn about their environment.  No matter the age of the visitor, the environment is not ours, merely ours to take care of and pass along to future overseers of the land.   


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