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Every Friday morning at 8:15, Phil Taunton will join the KVOE Morning show and let listeners know What’s In Outdoors.

 Below you can listen to past shows and find information relating to all kinds of stuff.  ENJOY!


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What's In Outdoors Calendar

All Year

Kansas Crappie Club Tournaments - More Info

Oct 20

Gary Fuller Shootout - Information

Oct 27

Council Grove 15th Annual Outdoor Youth Event - Flyer

Oct 27

Kansas Crappie Club Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser

Jan 25-27, 2019

Kansas Monster Buck Classic - Flyer - http://www.monsterbuckclassic.com/


  • Dan Thurston will join us to talk about his early season preparation for deer hunting!

Dan’s outdoor radio show Bow Madness is shown on the Outdoor Channel.  Dan shows how to make a European deer mount in this You Tube video - https://youtu.be/91Q6BLQLho0 





  • Recap of the Catfish Chasers Tournament at John Redmond Reservoir.


  • Successful rigs targeting Flatheads and Blue Cats and then again, you can always go hand fishing or noodling like these two adventurous gents did last weekend at Council Grove Reservoir!





  • Recap of the Smoky Hill Outdoor Youth Fest where 165 youth and families were introduced to a number of great outdoor activities!


  • Recap of the first ever Up the Creek Kayak Challenge at Marina Cove, Council Grove Reservoir where 93 participants had fun in the sun!

David Studebaker president of Catfish Chasers will join us on the show Friday.  

Catfish Chasers just hosted a tournament out of St. Joseph, Missouri that had 168 boats and they will be hosting a tournament at John Redmond on July 28th.



Michael Scherer and Shane Wilson of Fishing's Future will join us from the ICAST Sport Show, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. 

Fishing's Future has a crew of dedicated volunteers doing great programs all over the United States hoping to reconnect youth and families to Nature. . 

Take someone fishing. Catch memories and smiles to last a lifetime. 





















  • Featured guest this morning is Karen Exon and the subject is Kayaking.

    Karen writes
    Officially I am Dr. Karen Exon—I earned a Ph.D. from KU in American History & Comparative Politics. I hold the title of Professor Emeritus in History & Political Science from Baker University (I retired academically in June 2010) and effective June 30 of this year (last week) I retired as Women’s & Men’s Golf Coach from Baker U. I was Women’s Coach for 21 years and Men’s Coach for the last 13 years.
    Friends or Foe ..Season opens July 1 and runs through October 31…Daily creel is 8 and possession is 24. Unless you are exempt, you need a valid fishing license to take, catch or kill bullfrogs. Can be taken day or night by dip net, gig, hook. Do you know bullfrogs have been known to eat birds?
  • Kansas Crappie Club Tournament raises money for Fishing's Future
Recap of the June 24..Kansas Crappie Club Tournament at Hillsdale Lake.We caught a hundred fish, but no size.  Hillsdale is sometimes called Dinksdale, but the Top Secret Jig winning team of Marc Shepard and Brandon Manus proved there are some good fish in there. Big fish weighed 1.89 pounds and they recorded 7 fish weighing 8.98 pounds. Second place was a mere 2 ounces behind at  8.78. 
 IMG 1194

IMG 1196

IMG 1197

IMG 1199

  • 1st Annual Up the Creek Kayak Challenge
 Kayak Challenge Flyer colo
  • Phil got a bonus when out "Buying what's Dying" for his wild flower garden when caterpillars of two black swallowtail butterflies were found on the fennel plants.Phil got a bonus when out "Buying what's Dying" for his wild flower garden when caterpillars of two black swallowtail butterflies were found on the fennel plants.What a bargain!




Brian Underwood, director of the Lakewood Discovery Center will join us on the show to discuss the Smoky Hills Outdoors Youth Festival

briand underwood


LKWD sign logo.jpg

Lakewood Discovery Center is a feature of Salina Parks & Recreation Department, our mission goal is to provide opportunities for the community to explore and learn about our environment through self- discovery and hands-on activities.  Lakewood provides Salina with its own urban wildlife sanctuary and nature center to help reach our goals.  The wildlife sanctuary consists of a multitude of habitats that allow Kansas wildlife feel at home so close to the city.  The learning opportunities that abound while walking the nature trails are endless, along with their relaxing effects on people that encounter them.

The Discovery Center is a teaching tool in a sense that we provide many of the outdoor aspects that we have in the park in an indoor setting.  Lakewood provides visitors an opportunity to get up close to some of our more private residences that are in the park.  Through these encounters, we hope that the visitor’s awareness and knowledge of our native wildlife will increase.  As our community grows, we also want to grow with them, and continue to provide a great place to observe, and learn about their environment.  No matter the age of the visitor, the environment is not ours, merely ours to take care of and pass along to future overseers of the land.   


Recap of the Catfish Chaser’s, Fishing’s Future Benefit Catfish Tournament at Marina Cove, Council Grove Reservoir

Chasing sunsets, dreams and butterflies!


  • What’s in Outdoors will air from the Kaw Mission State Historic Site where an archeological dig is in process. 

Special guest will be Mo Floyd of the Archeological Society and historian Mark Brooks.


  • Recap of Symphony on the Flinthills. 

  • Yeager/Jenkins Catfish Tournament.

What a great year for the fishing tournament. This year we had 15 teams (over 60 people fishing) and 13 of the weighed fish. The first night was a little rough for everyone but they pulled through night number 2. We weighed 1846.6 pounds of fish over the weekend. It's honestly hard to believe how far this tournament has come since we started. From six teams and about 45 people at the weigh-in to what we had this year is amazing. We hope to get even bigger next year. Thank you to the Hartford High football team for serving a great breakfast. A huge thank you to all those who fished so hard this weekend and everyone who attended the weigh-ins. Without you, all none of this would be possible. Thank you, everyone, see you all next year. 

Results each team's biggest 5 fish of the weekend:

1st Archery Assassin-204.6 with big fish of 55 pounds

2nd Team Conley- 161.2 

3rd Team Varvel- 160.6 

4th Master Baiters- 150

5th Team Meyer- 145

6th Stompin' Ground- 140.8

7th Team Baughn- 136.8

8th Team Jarak- 104.6

9th City Slickers- 98

10th Burris/Warton- 80.8

11th Cheddar Bob's- 48.6

12th Team Stumpy- 39.8

13th Team Smith- 34.2

14th Yeager Bombs and Team No Show- caught lots of fish decided not to weigh.

Today's show will air from Camp Alexander where things are abuzz with summer camping activity!











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