August 27, 2014

Something to Think About
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          Living in Emporia just gets better.

          This past weekend locally was amazing. The ALS effort leads a list of accomplishments any community would envy.

          Gary Ace, Paul Hastings and their merry bunch of volunteers took full advantage of the Ice Bucket Challenge rage and reached numbers beyond belief – nearly $70,000 raised.

          Beef Fest has withstood the test of time. The cattle industry has seen good and bad times, feast and famine and riches and otherwise. Yet, these folks have maintained this annual event. They are a hardy bunch indeed.

          Disc golf, neat old cars and the BBC were also carried out this past weekend. E-Town was a happening place.

          Add in the return of our college students and the buzz was more than noticeable.

          Speaking of ESU one unofficial report on enrollment suggests about a hundred and twenty more students on campus now versus last year. That is a good thing.

          Flint Hills Tech just keeps growing, adding and impressing.

          A strong leader at both schools explains a lot.

          Tip of the hat to Team Schnak heading to Lake Tahoe to ride their bikes for Juvenile Diabetes. Sounds like a lot of fun for a good cause.

          The Willis Peet military service 18 years after his death was very appropriate - nicely done.

          Emporia’s United Way Drive is off and running. Another thing our town can brag about. We raise annually upwards of $600,000. Pittsburg, Kansas, about our size has a goal of $300,000. Hmmmmmm.

          Just a little thing, but it’s nice to live in a community where our infrastructure is important enough to address it on an annual basis. Good job City of Emporia leaders.

          Last, but not least we have some pretty cool foundations in Emporia that make a difference in our lives almost daily. Thanks to the Jones Foundation, the Reeble Foundation, the Trussler Foundation, the Clint Bowyer 79 Fund and the Hopkins Foundation.

          Emporia, Kansas is a wonderful place to call home for many of reasons. Hoping you appreciate Emporia as well.

          I’m Steve Sauder


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 6:00p NCAA Tournament play in games. 

 North Carolina Central vs Texas Southern

Arizona State vs Syracuse

  1:00p Kansas vs Penn


Davidson vs Kentucky

St. Bonaventure vs Florida



Bucknell vs Michigan State

New Mexico State vs Clemson


 4:45P Kansas State vs Creighton