Sean Thornton Bio

Sean was born and raised in Eureka, KS.  After High School, he attended Butler County Community College in El Dorado on a radio scholarship.  At the time BCCC was just starting up student-run radio station KBTL-FM.  While preparing for the debut of that station, Sean began his on=air work at KAHS-AM in El Dorado.  KBTL-FM then went on the air in the Fall of 1996 with Sean as its first program director.  He helped run the station as well as organize a station-run concert in the spring of 1997.

After graduation from BCCC in the summer of 1997 with an Associates in Arts degree, Sean moved to Emporia and began working at KVOE in the summer of 1998 in a part-time position.  He became a full-time employee in January 2033 working mainly at nights.

Sean has one son, Levi, who is 4.  His interests include baseball (a lifetime Royals fan), reading, music, following wrestling (statewide and Puroresu) and Bonsai trees.

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