Charrette meeting to end Monday evening

The latest round of meetings aimed at creating a 20-year comprehensive plan for the city of Emporia and Lyon County is nearing an end.


Focus group meetings are nearly over, and the closing meeting is at 5:30 pm Monday evening at the Bowyer Community Building. Lyon County Zoning and Planning Coordinator Sam Seeley urges everybody to attend so they can see what has been discussed and where this process is headed.


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Urban Collaborative has guided the process and gained input from city and county residents since last Tuesday. The input from the past week, which has included focus group meetings at the Bowyer Building and visits to all of Lyon County's smaller towns, will combine with interviews, prior focus group meetings, document reviews and better than 500 survey results to help form a draft plan, which could be ready for city and county approval by this fall.


The city and county have separate comprehensive plans, but the city plan was last revised nine years ago and the county's last revision was in 2000.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 11 April 2018 10:09