Prioritization meeting Saturday will help shape city-county comprehensive plan

On Saturday, residents are encouraged to be part of a big planning day for the city of Emporia and Lyon County.


The ongoing joint city-county comprehensive plan charrette meeting will feature a virtually all-day prioritization meeting at the Bowyer Community Building starting at 8:30 am. Residents of Emporia, Lyon County's small towns and the county's rural areas are all encouraged to give their thoughts on different talking points already discussed since Tuesday.


This follows a series of topical focus group meetings at the Bowyer Building and on-site input meetings in all of Lyon County's small towns. Focus group meetings continue Sunday and Monday, with plan design work Sunday into Monday morning, plan implementation Monday afternoon and a closing presentation at the Bowyer Building on Monday evening.


9:30 pm Thursday: Comprehensive plan talks building towards Saturday's all-day session


Organizers of the charrette meeting designed to gather more input towards a joint city-county comprehensive plan say they are pleased with the early input -- and they are still encouraging more people to get involved.


Urban Collaborateive principal Mark Gillem says there are some topics that are already starting to rise to the forefront. One of the main things is agricultural preservation.


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Participants also want to make sure Emporia State University has the best chance of success in tough economic times, and as a whole they want to see the continued partnerships between university, city and county through things like the mixed-use developments near campus. In addition, they want to see streamlined zoning and land use regulations.


Gillem says the charrette, ongoing through Monday, is part of a rather lengthy process that has already had better than 80 interviews, multiple focus groups, better than 400 surveys and rigorous document reviews of prior planning efforts.


On-site visits began Thursday in Americus, Allen, Admire and Bushong, with more on-site visits Friday in Hartford, Neosho Rapids, Olpe and Reading. At the same time, focus groups continue their meetings at the Bowyer Community Building.


These meetings lead up to an all-day community gathering Saturday at the Bowyer Building. This is designed to get city and county residents together to go through some of the discussions earlier in the charrette. The weeklong meeting ends Monday, with a plan possibly ready for city and county approval by fall.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 11 April 2018 22:24