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Prison coming for man after plea agreement on conspiracy to commit aggravated battery charge Featured

Hector Velazquez Hector Velazquez Lyon County Jail photo

A man who reached a plea agreement in an alleged shooting incident last year was sentenced Monday.

Hector Velazquez received 46 months in prison as part of a hearing in Lyon County District Court. He also has 24 months of postrelease supervision.

In November, Velazquez pleaded no contest to a count of conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery. The plea followed a shooting incident at 1213 Beverly in June.

Velazquez also pleaded no contest in a methamphetamine possession case. He received 28 months in prison and 12 months postrelease supervision in that case.

Getting back to the shooting incident: co-defendant William Walters was sentenced late last month to 44 months in prison on a conspiracy charge. Another defendant, Edgar Gilberto Gonzalez Jr., has hearings Wednesday for his alleged involvement in that crime as well as a separate case of theft in March and a case of aggravated assault and aggravated witness intimidation from August linking to the June incident.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 12 January 2021 16:26