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Emporia City Commission receives latest update on city recycling contract Featured

Emporia City Commission receives latest update on city recycling contract Tagan Trahoon/KVOE News

Emporia City Commissioners are still working to finalize the city's recycling program contract and received the latest proposal on the matter during their regular study session Wednesday. 

Public Works Director Dean Grant presented the latest numbers from Hamm Quarry Inc. for the contract. The proposal would increase the per ton amount to $155 which in turn would increase the city's cost of single-stream recycling by roughly 98 cents per customer.

Mayor Rob Gilligan says these increases would have no effect on customers in the immediate future.


The new per ton total would also only allow for a 50 percent share on rebates -- the amount the materials sell for minus for the floor cost. Grant says overall if the new contract were to be approved with the current proposal as it stands the city would see significant financial savings in the coming years.


Per the proposal, the city's annual minimum ton would drop to 1,000 tons which according to Grant would mean the city would not have to rely on neighboring townships to help meet the required threshold. Word on when the contract may be finalized is still up in the air at this time.

Until the new contract is finalized Hamm has agreed to continue its current contract meaning the city's recycling program will continue as normal.

In other business Wednesday, commissioners reviewed the annual Convention and Visitors Advisory Board allocations. Earlier this year, the commission requested all agencies that benefit from city allocations to reduce their proposals by 25 percent due to the then-unknown financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The proposed requests are as follows:

* $25,000 for Dynamic Discs Open
* $25,000 for Unbound Gravel
* $20,000 for PDGA World Championships
* $37,500 for Emporia Main Street
* $15,000 for the Granada Theatre
* $5,625 for Red Rocks State Historic Site

Commissioners plan to take action on the requests during their action session next week.

Separately, commissioners also reviewed upcoming city park improvement projects and during a special action session continued from last week, approved both the City of Emporia and City County joint legislative statements for 2021.

The Emporia City Commission will reconvene for an action session next Wednesday inside the Municipal Courtroom at White Auditorium.

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