New attorney appointed for Devawn Mitchell, preliminary hearing remains as scheduled in fatal car crash case Featured

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Devawn Mitchell's criminal case isn't two months old yet and he already has a new attorney.

As part of a review hearing Monday, Lyon County Judge Doug Jones appointed Paul Dean as Mitchell's attorney. Mitchell fired his previous attorney, Kurt Kerns of Wichita, who had listed an 80-percent success rate in murder trials. Mitchell fired Kerns on April 21, barely two weeks after Kerns came on board as Mitchell's lead defense attorney.

The game plan is to move forward as scheduled with the case, meaning an all-day preliminary hearing is next. That will take place June 2 unless otherwise moved. Additional hearing dates will be set after the prelim.

Mitchell is accused of killing fellow Emporian Steve Henry in a traffic accident March 18 near Sixth and Lawrence after local law enforcement broke off a pursuit due to unsafe speeds and other driving conditions. He's accused of first-degree felony murder, aggravated assault on law enforcement and felony flee and elude. The murder charge has an alternate second-degree murder count attached.

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Last modified on Monday, 03 May 2021 20:05