Back in high school, I participated in a forensics competition called “Informative Speaking” where I’d pick a topic and share about it.

            Today my topic is Herd Immunity which is the idea the Coronavirus might be defeated by letting it run its course until enough of our citizens become immune thus reducing the potential for a large outbreak.

            One doctor suggested that Herd Immunity is the pandemic’s “most insidious misconception!”

            Why would any doctor say that?

            Likely because without a vaccine in use herd immunity isn’t really a strategy. Herd Immunity has been used as a guide in a vaccine’s deployment, but NEVER has herd immunity been used without a vaccine.

            But, President Trump continues to mention this as a possible solution despite the fact that learned scientists suggest such a strategy in the United States would likely result in millions of additional deaths! And, yes, that was millions!

            Last Thursday at his Town Hall, President Trump would not rule out heard immunity. Previously on Fox News, he said and I quote: “Once you get to a certain number – we use the word herd – once you get to a certain number, it’s going to go away.” End quote!

            Meaning, if you are paying attention you will figure out HERD IMMUNITY is precisely the strategy President Trump is following. True he hasn’t acknowledged it by name, but how else do you explain his refusal for wearing masks; or, his practice of holding massive rallies without social distancing and constantly belittling governors and scientists who mandate or promote life-saving tactics?

            Here’s the bottom-line as I understand it!

            For HERD IMMUNITY to be successful in the United States before a vaccine is available over 50 percent of our citizens will need to become infected. For herd immunity to succeed against Covid 19 it’s likely at least 150 million Americans will need to be infected! That’s insane!

            I am 74 years old and despite losing 35 pounds recently I am still officially obese. I suffer from a heart condition that has me in the care of a Heart Failure Specialist. These factors make me extremely vulnerable.

            So, without a doubt Herd Immunity is a death sentence for me and for many people like me with health challenges.

            Tomorrow night is the final debate between the two candidates for President. I really didn’t intend for this to be a political message, but if the best our leader can offer is that we’ve done a “fantastic job” and we are “rounding the corner” against the pandemic – well it does get personal and political for me.

            Potentially 150 million Americans infected and over a million deaths from this virus is truly NOT a reasonable outcome.  

            I’m Steve Sauder and I rest my case.

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