June 19th, Youth Outdoor Experience Contest winners. 

Girls...Brinley Ink, Council Grove, age 8


Brinley’s Fishing Story

Once upon a time, I went fishing, not thinking that I would catch anything and then….I got a bite!

So I reeled it in so fast that the line almost broke and we only caught him by the edge of the lip and it fell off and tried to get into the water. PaPa kicked him back onto shore and then we could not find the stringer. When we did, it started to storm so we went home, cut the fish up and ate him!


Boys…..Gunner Tollett age 6, grandson of Brian and Lisa Keith




Hi, My name is Gunner Tollett and I am 6  years old. 

I love to play outside.  I like to ride my bike and walk the trails to the lake near my house. We throw rocks in the lake and look for frogs and shells. 

My dad teaches me things about animals like caterpillars and how to work on a car. He is going to teach me to deer hunt soon. 

My Grampy and Grammy have a ranch and they let me run my 4 wheeler through mud puddles. They take me to the lake to swim, fish, drive the boat, jet ski and go tubing. I just learned how to paddle a kayak at the boat show and I really want to do that again this summer!

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