June 26, Youth Outdoor Experience Contest winners. 

Emmy Whiteley... Council Grove, age 8

Hi, my name is Emmy Whiteley. We like to go fishing as a family and we catch a lot of fish. I also like to climb the big rocks. 

We find a lot of stuff between the rocks. Sometimes, dead fish!

We also like to run up and down the big hill, but brother, Easton does not like to go up the hill!

I am 11


Heath McCall  Council Grove  Age 11. 

Hi, I’m Heath McCall. 

I want to tell you about my first camping tripwith my family and dog, Whiskey. 

My dog went in the lake and got wet. When he got out, he ran into my tent and shook himself dry.. It got me and all our blankets wet. Whiskey is a big English Mastiff dog!

Later that night we ate chile dogs. They are so good.  I think our dog likes chile dogs more than me!

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