Fishing Story - Abby King


     Good day everybody, my name is Abby King, I live in Augusta, Kansas, I am 14, and I have a story to tell you...

     One crappie Day things took a turn for the better. My brother Eli and I went on a fishing trip with Joe Bragg and Phil Cansler. At 1 o’clock we went out on Council Grove lake, and we started trolling crank bait for Crappie. We were trolling 100 feet of line at about 1.5 mph. While I was sitting on the fishing chair drinking a soda, at the same time two of the four poles had fish on. Afterwards, we continued for a little longer with no result, and decided to go brush fishing. So, we are on the west side of the lake, stopped at the first brush pile, we’ve got line in the water and I’m thinking this day couldn’t get any beta! 

Next, I’m looking at Joe’s real-time sonar camera, (live Scope) the brush pile looks like it has leaves because the Crappie are packed in the branches like sardines. It was like watching a movie, over and over again, we watched the jig go down and the fish come up. Until disaster strikes!!! It’s Eli’s turn, the pole quivers in his clammy hands THUMP!!! A fish was on the hook, but Eli was nervous to reel it in so he tried to just lift it out of the water and an oppor-TUNA-ty arose. The fish went flying towards Phil’s face, but it hit the back of Joe’s navigator instead. Eli was on pretty fin ice after that. We continued fishing at the brush piles for a while, and proceeded back to the marina. Upon our arrival, we made a little recording about our trip with Joe. Then we met Anthony, Phil’s great nephew. First, Anthony, Eli, and I got a Pisces pedicure, which is where you put fish food between your toes and let the carp suck on your feet. I named a few of them, there is Leonardo DiCarprio, Fish Pratt, and there is only one catfish. I call him Swim Shady! Next, we went paddle boarding,and diving off of the new dock, but of course Eli got stung by a wasp. So, that made him trout, I mean pout, But in all,  the day was amazing. The next day Phil came to the new pavilion at Richey Cove and introduced himself to the troops. He stopped by Eli and I’s campsite, to give us a brand new Zebco 33 fishing poles. 

I had already caught a dozen fish by the following Monday...

     Thanks again Phil, this was so fun and I can’t wait to come back. 

Thanks for listening guys, shout out to my friends back in Augusta, and I hope you liked my story. BYEE!!!



Wild hog hunting

By Jerit Inlow

Age 11

My first time hog hunting all by myself took place in March of 2020 in Texas.   My dad dropped me off in a blind and told me to stay inside, no matter what happened.  Sitting by myself had me a little nervous and scared, but mostly bored with no one to talk too.  I heard  something by the pond, but couldn’t see anything. Turkeys appeared on the hillside, but disappeared into the brush.  I was doing my best to wait patiently, but then started to feel an earthquake.  I looked behind me and saw cattle rubbing on the blind.  Then I see something out of the corner of my eye and it is a pig.  I slowly and quietly get my gun and take aim behind the front shoulder.  The pig dropped and shook a little bit.  My dad heard the shot so he came to check things out. I was excited to tell him the story, when he asked what happened.  When we walked up to my pig, we saw I shot him in the head.  My aim was off a little, but at least the shot was effective.

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