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What's In Outdoors Calendar

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 Kansas Crappie Club Tournaments - https://www.kansascrappieclub.com/tournament-schedule.html
 October 17
Fall on the Kaw! (St. George to Wamego) - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/fall-on-the-kaw-st-george-to-wamego-tickets-119330048387
 October 24
 Gary Fuller Shootout - Flyer

 Exploring Outdoors Kansas - by Steve Gilliland

2020 Youth Outdoor Experience - Enter Here to Win Prizes


Cole McCall, Council Grove, 11 years old. 

Hi, my name is Cole McCall

I want to tell you about the field day when I got my hunter education card. 

When we got there the Quail people fed us all hamburgers and hot dogs!

We then went to a fence and learned how to cross it safely. 

We then went to shoot bows where my brother won the shooting competition, two years in a row. 

We then went and shot shotguns at clay pigeons.  I did good. 

They gave out prizes at the end of the day and I won a 22 long rifle!



Alison Forgy Topeka, 15

With COVID-19, many people are trying things that they have not done or have not done in a while. A hobby I have started again is fishing. I used to fish with my grandpa at my grandparents’ cabin at Council Grove lake. We would sit in the boat house and fish rain or shine. The biggest fish we ever caught was a 14 pound catfish. Since we did not have a scale to weigh the fish, we went to find one from one of the neighbors. Once we found one, a parade of neighbors and a Basset Hound followed us back to our cabin to weigh the fish. I think of my grandpa when I fish today. I find myself asking him in my head to give me a good one and sometimes I think he throws me a big one to catch. I now enjoy fishing very much and look forward to fishing every time I go to our cabin at Council Grove.


Vamos A Pescar story from KDWPT Magazine - Click Here 


My Outdoor Experience

By Garret Hammond, Olpe

Ever since I was little, I built forts in the woods. Until I was 7, I lived on a ranch in chase county. At 8, we moved to Olpe. When I was 11, I realized I could take this further. I built my first real “hut” out of clayish mud bricks in a dry season, so rain would not destroy it. The roof was made of cedar cuttings and it didn't shed rain. Little did I know, I built it on a flood plain, and it was destroyed during May. I then discovered thatching, a method of roofing used by ancient cultures. It consists of grass being tied onto horizontal sticks called battens, overlapped in a way that sheds rain. All of my “huts” since then have been made of grass thatched roofs. Mud is a very important resource as well. I built the frames with wood which I cut with a hatchet. The posts were put in the ground (using a large piece of concrete as a hammerstone) and were then enveloped in thick mud layers, each on top of each other, forming a wall. The only modern tools I use are a shovel, (Kansas’s soil is very hard, especially during summer), a hatchet, and twine.

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