Adopt A Pet (17)

The following pets are available for adoption through the
City of Emporia Animal Shelter
Hours: Monday thru Saturday 11 am til 2 pm.  Now open Wednesday evenings from 4:30 pm - 7 pm.
1216 Hatcher Street, Emporia KS 66801
CALL: (620) 340-6345 or EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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2611 W. Highway 50

Please Don’t Litter!

Get your pet spayed or neutered with Buck Fund’s reduced cost program for low-income households.  All outdoor cats qualify. Payment plans available. Sign up now at Tallgrass Art & Frame, 615 Commercial or call 620-343-3377.   No excuses!


Becker—a small adult neutered male Terrier mix


Roman—a neutered adult male gray Pit Bull


Beau—a small adult neutered male Terrier mix


Belinda—a female short hair dilute Tortoiseshell housecat


Farren—a spayed female short hair Tabby


Tango—a young male short hair black housecat

Spay & Neuter!

The cost of getting your pet fixed is cheaper and easier than raising one litter of puppies or kittens. Call the Buck Fund for more information about the reduced cost program if you need help getting your pet sterilized. All outdoor cats qualify. 343-3377


Becker—a small adult neutered male Terrier mix


Maurice—a neutered adult male Bulldog mix


Nina—a spayed adult female Terrier mix


Cain—a male short hair Tabby & white kitten


Cale—a male short hair Tabby & white kitten


Lora—a black medium hair spayed female housecat

Fix Your Pet!

We cannot adopt ourselves out of pet over-population. There are not enough homes for all the dogs & cats living now, much less future litters. The Buck Fund has a reduced cost spay neuter program available for low-income households and all outdoor cats. Call 343-3377 for more info. Help stop the suffering of homeless pets.

Mugsy—a medium size neutered male Bulldog mix

Peaches—a spayed female Pit Bull

Romona—a black spayed adult female Pit Bull

Willie—a medium size neutered male Boxer mix

Petra—a young spayed female Pit Bull

Titan—a black & white neutered male Pit Bull

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