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18 businesses participate in Stinger Shutdown for tailgating and attending the football game

The Emporia community is behind the Emporia State football team. They support them so much that 18 local businesses are closing shop early to head down to Welch Stadium and tailgate around 5:30 PM.



The season opener against Northwest Missouri State doesn't begin until 7:00, but half the fun of going to football games is tailgating prior to kickoff. That's the idea behind Sweet Granada owner Kim Redeker's "Stinger Shutdown."


The Stinger Shutdowown involves 18 businesses from around the city of Emporia closing their doors early so that their employees (and even the store owners) can attend Thursday's night big game.


Redeker says the idea of Stinger Shutdown came from tailigating at a Royals game with members of her staff.


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The Stinger Shutdown is not the only time a community or city has rallied around a sports team. For example, the Nashville Predators decided to not allow people order tickets for their home playoff games against the Chicago Blackhawks if the person buying the tickets came from an Illinois adress.


However, Redeker believes the Stinger Shutdown is unique in how businesses from around the city are closing early to support ESU's football team.


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Some of the businesses who are participating in the Stinger Shutdown closed as early as 3 PM.


Emporia State is looking to upset the No. 1 ranked Northwest Missouri State Bearcats tonight.


The Bearcats won last season's Division II national championship.

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