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The relationship between Hostess Brands and the Emporia community was highlighted in the Statehouse on Tuesday.

Hostess Brands says one of its employees went to Newman Regional Health as a precautionary measure after an incident late Saturday night.

A spokesperson with Hostess Brands confirms some of the donettes involved in a recall announced recently were made in Emporia.

Newman Regional Health will have their hot dog auxiliary fundraiser tomorrow.

The eyesore is no more -- and early plans for a hotel at 923 Commercial appear to be fleshing out.

A house used for storage collapsed late Sunday night.

A heads-up from a passerby may have defused a serious fire situation from developing at a house near downtown Emporia on Monday.

Fire damaged part of a house about 30 miles away from Emporia in northwest Lyon County on Monday, but authorities say the situation could have been much worse had the fire been allowed to sit a few more minutes.

Fire has destroyed a house between Emporia and Allen. It may take some time yet to determine how the blaze started.

The future of the Affordable Care Act was dealt a major blow Thursday as the GOP led House narrowly passed a bill to repeal and replace former President Obama's signature health care legislation.