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Emporia City Commissioners met this morning where they discussed and heard from candidates applying for the vacant commission seat at a study session.

The Emporia City Commission had their latest meeting on Wednesday night. The main topic on the menu was formally accepting the 2017 budget.


Emporia city commissioners moved swiftly through their action session Wednesday night where both the 2018 and 5-year city budgets were approved.

The Emporia City Commission met Wednesday night for their last action session of the year.


Approve, approve, approve. That one word defined what the Emporia City Commission did Wednesday afternoon at the Municipal Auditorium.


The Emporia City Commission is one step closer to having its new phone system in place.

The Emporia City Commission amended three ordinances during a concise action session Wednesday night.

The Emporia City Commission officially closed the books on the 2017 fiscal year at Wednesday's action meeting.

Goals are being put together by Emporia City Commissioners who met Wednesday night to brainstorm some of their plans moving forward.

Emporia city commissioners worked through a second goal setting and strategic planning session Tuesday evening as they prepare to adopt a framework heading into the next two years.