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USD 253 Emporia had a cut-and-dry meeting Wednesday evening.

Wednesday marks the start of the annual two-night run of the Emporia School District Seasonal Celebration.

USD 253 Emporia is seeing growth in enrollment for the second straight year.

Enrollmentand headcount numbers were the focus of Wednesday's USD 253 Emporia school board meeting.

The Emporia School Board meets Wednesday night.

On Wednesday, the Emporia School Board announced it would hold public meetings for possibly resetting enrollment boundaries for the six elementary schools. The meeting dates have been set, and three are taking place next week.

After taking an additional week off between meetings, the Emporia School Board has two meetings this coming Wednesday.

The Emporia School District's fourth superintendent finalist spent time before the district school board and community residents Friday.

The Emporia School District interviewed one of their own for the position of superintendent to end the day Friday.

USD 253 Emporia has commenced interviews of candidates to eventually supplant current superintendent Theresa Davidson.

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