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Estimated price tag on KTA culvert improvements: $3 million

The Kansas Turnpike Authority says it plans to spend around $3 million to bring culverts on a two-mile stretch of highway southwest of Emporia up to minimum design standards after two fatal flood-related accidents the past dozen years.

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Aug. 9: Lyon County Fair 4-H Swine Show

This weekend's 4-H activities wrapped up with the swine show at the Lyon County Fairgrounds.

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Author/professor Max McCoy shares stories collected from Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors on 70th anniversary of bombings

70 years ago Sunday, a nuclear bomb named Fat Man missed its target of Nagasaki, Japan, and landed in the hillside on top of the only Catholic community in that area. A few days prior, the town of Hiroshima had been obliterated by another bomb which didn't miss its target. These bombs brought World War II to a horrifying end.

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KTA continues investigation into fiery crash

The investigation continues into a fatality crash on the Kansas Turnpike southwest of Emporia.

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ESU continues investigation into racial misconduct allegations

Emporia State University continues an internal investigation into allegations of racial misconduct in the School of Library and Information Management.

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Hearing date pending in murder case of Natasha Pruitt

A hearing date is pending in Ford County in the case of a man accused of killing a former Emporia woman last year.

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Steamy weather perfect for first Ice Bucket Challenge of the year

'Tis the season for more Ice Bucket Challenge events, including the one at Waters True Value Saturday.

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Aug. 8: Lyon County Fair Meat Goat Show

The 4-H meat goat show was held Saturday morning at the Lyon County Fairgrounds.

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