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Ongoing financial difficulties are prompting Newman Regional Health to make several staffing adjustments.

Ten full-time and five part-time employees are being laid off.

Newman Regional Health is concluding its Lights for Angels fundraiser for the hospital auxiliary department Monday.

Newman Regional Health is seeking applicants for its health care summer intern positions.

Newman Regional Health says it is positioning itself to meet area health care needs with new staff and new technology next year.

For the past several years, Newman Regional Health has wanted to upgrade its CT scanner. That process is now almost finished.

Several rural hospitals are being recognized as being among the best in the nation in a new study. One of those is right here in town.

The death of one man in Texas from Ebola and reports of disease-like symptoms elsewhere have medical facilities across the country looking at their protocols while the outbreak continues. Newman Regional Health is no different.

2014 has started about as expected financially for Newman Regional Health.

The hospital reported a net loss of almost $900,000 for January, with daily expenses, an additional payroll date and extra accounts payable date all listed as factors.

The Newman Regional Health Board of Trustees has a busy day ahead Wednesday.

Newman Regional Health is encouraging medical staffers, patients and family members to attend two upcoming stakeholder meetings on asthma treatment.

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