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State lawmakers have been closely watching revenue totals and projections for months, especially after setting a so-called "glide path to zero" income taxes.

Projections are trending along with revised expectations, but the actual year-to-year numbers are well behind -- and that's a major concern for Sen. Jeff Longbine with the 2014 session looming in a few weeks.

The flurry of election and re-election bids this week continues.

Public education officials are not happy with the funding bill passed Sunday by lawmakers, but Emporia State University actually comes out OK.

Monday's news the state's December revenues were some $27 million short of projections not only puts the state underwater financially but forces some tough choices for lawmakers during an election year.

Last month's $54 million miss on tax revenues not only put the state's budget about $46 million underwater for the rest of this fiscal year through June. It also caused lawmakers to scramble for solutions.

Olpe Chicken House co-owner Theresa Coble has passed away.

A staple of the Flint Hills Community Health Center - Lyon County Health Department is retiring.

W. Irving Shaw, a prominent local attorney, has died at age 72 after a long illness.

Lyon County commissioners are now determining how to proceed after the resignation of longtime employee Laurie Redeker.

Things will be popping across the area for the Fourth of July.

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